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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 7
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inside pastor’s consulting office the room has three chairs and a table demarcating two chairs from the one the pastor is sitting on while Victor’s mom occupied one of the chair facing the pastor “pastor, my son have change, doing things that he have not done before, refused to go to school”she said while weeping profusely “daughter of Zion cry no more, the bible says ask and it shall be given unto to you, seek and you shall receive, lets seek for your son’s repentance in prayer”the pastor said, both hold their hands together and start praying for several minutes “Sister Agness, while we were praying the Lord reveal to me in a vision your son is eating a fruit from a tree that is not consumable”the pastor said with disappointed voice then scrab in some bible texts into a paper and hand it over to Mrs. Agness.


after hearing the story Peter think if he could remember anything or time his friend and him have eaten a fruit from where they are not meant to, but none “Peter!”Agness called repeatedly when it seem she is not getting reply from the one she is speaking to “yes .. yea!”he stammered out of his thought, Victor’s mother complained that she have been calling him many times “am sorry mama, I was just thinking, I need to go home my mother will be looking for me”he said then walk away “greet your mother and father for me ooh”Mrs. Agness said.

inside a local meeting hall there are three chiefs inside the hall having a private meeting “my fellow chiefs, a great calamity befell my household yeaterday”Chief Ade said standing he waited from the elders to give him a nod to forge ahead “my daugter Ogechi was raped yesterday!”he said with sober voice attached with bitter tone the elders where shock by this revelation, Chief Marshal stand on his feet with walking stick place at his front he greeted the elders then face Chief Ade and clear his throat“we all are aware of your daughter movement in this Village, are you sure is not your daughter that rape…”he was cut short by Chief Ade’s grab on his neck he tried to free himself while Chief Emeka come to his aid “if not of my three legs, I would have shown you why am called the famous tiger”Chief Marshal said when he is freed from the hold, Chief Ade flare up and left the local meeting hall while the two relax themselves consuming the palm wine that is brought to them by Chief Ade.

Inside the sitting room Victor is watching the television when his…..

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