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The village rapist - Season 1 - Episode 8
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His mother joined him in the sitting room while he is concentrating on the TV screen “Victor!”his mother called his name sitting like every Africa mother that wants to advice her son “yes, mama”he answered her non-chalantly “pastor John, want to see you in his office tomorrow”Mrs. Agness concluded and relax herself on the chair look at her son how he will take the news “mama!am not going anywhere”Victor said but his mother refused to accept no as answer she insisted which made Victor grew annoyed and pick his kataport then hang around his neck leaving the house to kill birds “where you dey go? you no go eat for this house if you no go oooh!”his mother shouted after him but he care less.

Victor is busy killing birds along the road while a girl at her 18years fair in complexion and beautiful putting on a mini skirt with handless shirt passing through the road that Victor is aiming at birds “Village champion”the girl called Victor mockingly which he ignored but she did not take no response as a way of leaving him alone she proceed to call him “useless Village boy”Victor stop shooting birds and look at her with warning look “Ada, you will not mind your business, ashawo!”he said to her and walk away but Ada flare up and rain curses at him which he jotted down to use against her this night.

At Chief Marshal house Chief Marshal is sitting on a chair resting his back on the wall with a bottle of dry gin and a cup place on a table before him, Ada walk into the compound walk to where her father is sitting and greeted him “Ada, my pretty daughter where is your mother?”Chief Marshal inquire from her which she told him her mother went to the village women meeting then she made to leave but Chief Marshal called for her attension “I dont want you to go out of this compound at night, you heard what happened to Chief Ade daughter”which her daughter told him that she have heard that the village gossipers were looking for such news to make merry with.

Victor look side ways and back then walk stealthily inside the kitchen opened the pot cover slowly and dish out soup and garri for himself with seperate plates with the help of torch cause there is no NEPA and it is night, the kitchen is dark he walk in same manner out of the kitchen and close the kitchen door behind him.

“Ada!oooh”where is this girl Chief Marshal said asking no one in particular “yes, papa”Ada answered from the room “take this 50naira and get me snuff from Ogadi”

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