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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 49
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Divya is crying.
She pleads with Bharat not to hurt Amar because he's Sagar and she can't live without him.

She asks why he agreed to do it.
Bharat asks why she would think he would kill Amar.
He tells her to calm down because he won't do it but he can't tell Sindoora not to kill Amar so he pretends he's going along with her plan and that way, he can protect Amar.

Divya asks if he can't come up with another plan.
Bharat says he will go along with Sindoora's plan but he will come up with his own plan to make Amar see Sindoora for what she is.
Divya says as a child she was playing with her friends and had to close her eyes, she didn't realise she was on the terrace and there was nowhere to go but she still couldn't open her eyes because it was against the rules of the game; a voice told her to jump and she did and the person caught her.

She realised the voice was her brother's voice and she learned to trust him so she will trust Bharat as he's always a brother to her.
Bharat says he didn't know she had a brother.
Divya says he left when she was still young and she has no idea why he did but her parents were heart broken.

Bharat assures her that her brother is still with her and won't let her down; he won't let anything happen to Amar.
Divya is praying in the family temple.
Bharat comes in and tells her that seeing her there reminds him of the old days.
Divya says they've done a lot together and even saved Sagar's life together.

He says they have to do it again tomorrow because Sindoora wants to kill him tomorrow.

Sindoora is approaching.
Divya says she hopes Amar will be okay.
Bharat promises that nothing will happen to him.
He bends to touch her feet.

Sindoora sees him.
He stands up and rudely tells Divya that he came to pray.
She understands and plays along, telling him that he needs to keep the temple clean.
Bharat says tomorrow she would get what she deserves.
Divya asks what will happen tomorrow.
Sindoora walks in and says nothing will happen.
Divya leaves the room.

Sindoora tells Bharat that he needs to be able to control his anger because he almost told Divya the plan and she's extremely smart.
He says okay.
He asks if anything is wrong.
She says she almost thought he was bowing at Divya's feet.

He says he was praying and she got in the way.
He starts to talk about the plan but she tells him to follow her as that was not the right place to talk about such matters.
At breakfast the next morning, Sindoora tells Amar to go to the construction site at 12 noon to check on the work done and to find his way to the roof by 1 PM.

Divya is worried.
Sindoora tells Amar to be careful when going up the roof.
He says he has been there a number of times and knows how to handle himself.
Amar is getting ready to leave.
Divya is worried.
He asks her what's wrong.

She hugs him.
As he is leaving, he tells her he won't come back home.
She runs to him and hugs him again.
He says he only meant he won't come tonight as the site is far away.
He leaves and Divya prays for his safety.
A journalist comes to the house to interview Sindoora.

He says he needs to start by taking photos of her.
Some photos fall from his hand and Sindoora asks what they are.
He says he's using them for an article.
She sees a photo of Divya at the temple talking to Bharat but his head is not in the shot, just his back and the blazer he was wearing.

Sindoora begs for the photo.
She goes into Bharat's room and opens the wardrobe.
Aditi sees her.
She finds the blazer there and realises that Bharat and Divya are actually working together as a team.

Divya meets Bharat at the construction site.
Bharat says he already planned with some men to fake an attack on Amar but not to hurt him then they will take him upstairs and he will call Sindoora who would think Amar is dead then throw him off the roof.

He says he will make sure Amar sees Sindoora's face before he gets thrown off the roof and he will land in a safety net that has been positioned near the bottom of the building.
He calls Sindoora to ask where she is.
She was she's already there.

He says he's waiting on tower 1.
She says the plan has changed and now Amar will come to tower 10.
Bharat is shocked.
Sindoora says Amar has already arrived and her men are waiting so Bharat should leave everything to her.

Divya asks Bharat what's wrong.
He tells her that Sindoora played a fast one on them by calling Amar to tower 10 instead of 1.
He calls Amar's phone and just as he's about to answer, the men attack him.
Divya and Bharat start running to tower 10.
Amar fights with the goons then he runs away
from them but they chase him.

Divya and Bharat are still on their way to him.
Divya falls down and Bharat runs ahead.
The goons catch up with Amar again and beat him up.

He fights them off and continues running to the roof.
Divya falls down again and remembers when Sindoora shot her and Sagar.
Bharat gets to the building.

Amar gets to the roof and the men catch up with him.
He sees Sindoora.
The men push him to the edge of the building.
He stands there and looks at Sindoora.
As he falls off, memories of his former life come flooding back to him.

He remembers the words he told Sindoora as she shot him, telling her that the story doesn't end there.
Sindoora says his story ends here.
Amar lands in the back of a truck that Bharat placed in front of the building with a soft landing for him.

He is unconscious.
Divya is screaming.
Bharat calls for an ambulance and they come to take Amar away.
At the hospital, Bharat begs the doctor to treat Amar.

The doctor tells him and Divya to leave the room.
They stand by the window watching.
Divya says they shouldn't have planned it.
Bharat assures her that God won't take Amar away from her now.

The doctor comes out to inform them that it was a miracle because Amar only sustained a minor head injury.
They go back into the room and Amar's eyes are open.
They ask how he's feeling.
He stares at them blankly then he closes his eyes.

The doctor comes back and tells them he's in good condition.
At the house, Mahua and Chandra tell Aditi not to always keep to herself but mingle with members of the family.

As Amar sleeps, he dreams of various events from his former life; the attempts Sindoora made to kill him and how Divya tried to protect him.
He remembers everything till the attempt to kill him again at the construction site.

Later in the day, Divya and Bharat bring Amar back home.
He has a bandage on his head.
As soon as he enters the house, he gets flashbacks of his former life.
Bharat tells Divya to take Amar to his room.
Sindoora is on her way back home.

She tells herself that soon, the family will be informed of Amar's death and she would say she was in a meeting all day.
She says she can't wait for the announcement.
Divya takes Amar to the room.
She tells him that Sindoora tried to kill him.
She admits she and Bharat knew about it and came up with a plan to help him remember but she's promising not to ever try to make him remember again.

He stares at her.
She says she will get him something to eat.
As she stands to leave, he calls her Vidya.

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