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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 50
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Divya stares at Amar in shock.
She has tears in her eyes.

He calls her Vidya again.
He also has tears in his eyes.
She runs into his arms.
He holds her tightly.

Bharat enters the room but turns around when he sees them.
Amar calls him Mr. India.
Bharat turns back in shock.

He remembers when he was a little boy.
He runs to hug Amar and calls him Mr. Ocean.
Bharat is also crying.
Amar says he remembers everything and it is all like a dream; the accident in his past life, his mental health issues, his marriage to Divya, the trip to Singapore...

He says he remembers Sindoora and who she really is.
He tells Divya that she doesn't have to apologise because she and Bharat had no choice.
Bharat apologises for acting like he hated him all this while.

Amar tells him not to apologise because he now remembers what Divya wanted him to remember all along.
He says Sindoora will never deceive him again and she will have to pay for all she has done.
Sindoora enters the house.

She looks around for a sign to show if the members of the house have heard about Amar's death.
She sees Mahua and Chandra in the living room.
She asks if Amar is back.
They say they have no idea.
She calls Amar.

Bharat, Divya and Amar hear her.
Amar is about to leave the room but Bharat begs him not to go yet.
Amar ignores him and leaves the room.
Sindoora tells her sisters that she has been calling Amar and he's not back yet.

She sees Amar coming down the stairs.
She is unable to hide her surprise.

She prays silently that he didn't see her at the site before they threw him off the building.
He walks up to her and looks at her with a scowl on his face.

She pretends to be concerned and confused.
She asks what happened to him and reminds him that she has asked him to be careful on the site.
He doesn't utter a word.
She is confused.
He shocks her more by hugging her.
He tells her that he almost lost his life as someone tried to kill him but he got saved.
She asks who tried to hurt him.

He says he was wondering who could hate him.
She asks who did it.
He says 'You.'
She's shocked.
He asks if she knows anyone like a business rival that could have done it.
She says no.

Mahua asks him what happened to make him have a bandage on his head.
Amar says he's fine and the Almighty saved him.
Sindoora says thank Goodness he's alright.
She tells him to go and rest while she makes sure she finds out who attacked him.

Amar tells her not to bother because he will never again allow it and his enemy will suffer.
She looks uncomfortable.
Divya says the Almighty will make sure that all of her husband's enemies will suffer for all they have done.

Divya Amar and Bharat stare at Sindoora.
She looks back at them, totally confused.
At night, Amar is sleeping.
Divya starts praying.
When she is done, she turns around and sees him watching her.
He tells her she's still the same person that is always praying to the Almighty.

She says the Almighty has done so much for her and has helped them every step of the way.
She reminds him of the time in Singapore and says it was the Almighty who helped him otherwise he would have died.

She asks if he remembers.
He says he remembers everything.
Next day, Divya goes to meet Aditi in the family temple.
She says she knows times are changing but some things like values and culture shouldn't change especially the relationship between a husband and his wife.

Aditi becomes unsettled.
Divya says things like wearing Vermillion and a wedding necklace are important for a married woman.

Chandra and Mahua enter the room.
Mahua tells Aditi that Divya is right because if she doesn't wear them, it would bring her bad luck.
Bharat enters and asks what's going on.
Mahua tells him that he should make Aditi know the importance of wearing vermillion and a wedding necklace.

He panics.
She gives him vermillion and tells him to put on his wife's forehead.
He hesitates.
Chandra tells him that it's his wife they are asking him to apply vermillion to.

Divya says the Bharat she knew wouldn't have hesitated.
Bharat takes a pinch of the vermillion and applies it to Aditi's forehead.
As he's about to leave, Mahua gives him the wedding chain to put on Aditi's neck.
As he obeys, Divya looks like she knows something is not right.

Amar remembers his past and how Sindoora manipulated him into trusting her over everyone else.
Divya comes to ask what he's thinking about.
He says he's thinking about how to make Sindoora realise what she has done.

Divya says they have been reborn and should enjoy the precious moments instead of wasting it on plotting revenge.
Amar says they were reborn to take revenge and he can't let Sindoora get away with what she has done.

Bharat enters the room and agrees that they were reborn to take revenge.
Amar remembers the tape where Sindoora confessed in their former life.
He tells them that the tape is hidden in a temple box.

He asks Divya if she remembers.
Bharat says they need to get it.
Divya says it's a long time.
Amar says he's sure the tape is still there and he will find it.
Bharat and Divya decide to go with him.
They get to the place but it's now a construction site and a large building has been erected on the land.

Amar and Divya are disappointed.
As they turn to leave, they hear a temple bell ring.
They turn around and see a priest praying by a tree.
They ask him where the temple box is.
He says they threw it away.

Divya asks where exactly.
The priest says it was thrown behind the building.
The 3 of them run to the back of the building and search.

Amar sees the box and Bharat breaks it open.
They see the tape inside.
Amar holds it up and says 'Sindoora Pratap Singh, your days are numbered, I promise you.'
They play the tape in the car and the images are not clear.

Bharat says it's because the tape is old.
Amar is devastated.
Divya and Bharat console him.
Amar says he hasn't given up and Sindoora will be exposed.

They return home and Amar is still sad.
Divya begs him to eat.
She leaves to get the food.
Bharat enters his room.

Aditi is making the bed.
He sits on the couch and takes off his shoes.
Aditi serves him drinking water.
The water accidentally spills on the couch.
He tells her he will sleep on the ground.
She begs him not to sleep on the ground.
He says he can't sleep outside the room.

She tells him to sleep on the bed.
He says okay.
She goes to lie on the bed and he lies on the other side.

Amar is staring out of the window.
Divya brings his food.
He sits and she feeds him.

He remembers how she used to feed him in the past.
Later on, they are lying in bed.

Divya asks if he remembers how they used to share a bed in the past.
He holds her hand and says he's promising that nothing will ever come between them again.

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