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The Vow - Season 2 - Episode 53
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Chandra and Mahua are with Bharat.
Mahua tells Bharat that she's worried about
Sindoora who has been behaving strangely.

Bharat says Sindoora believe Divya and Amar want to harm her and he thinks she's losing her mind so he has to call a doctor.

He leaves to go and make the call.
Mahua tells Chandra that Sindoora's day has finally come after all she has done.
The doctor is with Sindoora in her room.
She tells him that she saw Amar running and she ran after him then he disappeared and reappeared and she kept running after him till he fell down and she saw it was someone else.

Amar tells her to stop.
The doctor tells the family members that he wants to see them outside.
They follow him out of the room.
Sindoora runs to the door to listen.

The doctor tells the family members that Sindoora has become mentally ill.
Sindoora tells herself that it's a lie.
She runs to the mirror to look at herself.
Amar thanks the doctor for helping them.

Sindoora tells herself that she's Sindoora Singh and she writes her own destiny and always defeats fate.
She starts laughing at herself.
She tells her reflection in the mirror that she's crazy.

She starts acting crazy and telling her reflection to go away and leave her alone.
Amar tells Bharat that it's time for their final move.
Bharat says he knows what to do.
He sees Divya looking worried and asks what's wrong.

Divya says the plan is good but Sindoora is his mother and they don't want him to do something that he will regret.

Bharat says he will never forget what Sindoora did to his father who is now very scared and going crazy.

He says he also thinks about the day Sagar and Vidya's bodies were brought home after Sindoora killed them so all those things make him know she doesn't deserve forgiveness.
Bharat goes to his father to tell him the time has come to make Sindoora pay for all she has done over the years.

Aniket asks if she wants to harm them.
Bharat assures him that Sindoora can't harm anyone and he needs his father's blessings for what he has to do.
Aniket prays for him to live long.

Divya tells Amar that she thinks they should keep Bharat out of everything because anytime he does something to Sindoora, the pain is evident in his eyes.
She suggests they talk to him and keep him out of it.

Amar says he can't keep Bharat out because it's important for Bharat's future as the revenge will help all of them heal from what Sindoora put them through.
In the morning, Sindoora is asleep sitting on the floor beside her bed.

She hears a knock on her door and wakes with a jerk.
She answers the door and the servant tells her that he has brought her food.
She asks him who made it.

He tells her it was Divya.
She tells him to take it away as it's poison.
Aditi sees her and tells her it's not poison because Mahua and Chandra also ate it.
Sindoora tells her to bring it in them.
Bharat is watching Aditi.

Aditi sets the food for Sindoora.
Sindoora tells her to eat first.
Aditi eats and Sindoora starts eating.
Aditi watches her as she eats hungrily.
Sindoora says the food is delicious.
She asks if Aditi also thinks she's crazy
Aditi says no.

Sindoora says she doesn't trust anyone but her son Bharat.
She says Divya is very mean.
She grabs Aditi's hand and says she saw her talking to Divya and doesn't want her to do so anymore because Divya is evil.

As Aditi is taking the food away, she hears Sindoora talking to herself saying she can never be crazy but it's the others that are crazy.
Aditi returns to Bharat's room.
She looks at the part of her arm where Sindoora grabbed her and left scratch marks.

Bharat asks her what's wrong.
She says Sindoora's eyes looked strange and there was this strange passion, the sort she has seen in Karan's eyes.
Bharat says soon Sindoora will leave them.
Aditi asks if he really wants her gone.

He asks why.
She says he looks sad.
He gets upset and raises his voice.
He tells her to look into his eyes and tell him if he's sad.
He says he doesn't understand why Divya also says the same thing but he's suffered his entire life because of Sindoora.

He apologises for shouting at her and says he's only worried because he's going to do something big.
He leaves the room and Aditi tells herself that Divya was right.

Harish is acting funny, walking and talking to himself like a woman.
Bharat sees him and hides to call the house phone.
Harish answers it.
Bharat disguises his voice and says the party members are having a coming to see Sindoora later so she's not to leave the house.

Mahua and Chandra knock on Sindoora's door and beg her to open.
She opens up and they say they are worried about her.
She says she's fine.

Harish comes to Sindoora.
Bharat tells Harish to go and tell the party members to leave.
Sindoora says she will go and tell them herself.
Bharat tells her she can't go.
Sindoora says she has to see them and she will get ready quickly.

Sindoora is dressed in her saree looking like her regular self.
She comes downstairs to see the party members.
They give her a file.
She opens it and sees photos of Vidya and Sagar from the day she killed them.

She screams at the party members and throws the papers at them.
Bharat, Chandra and Mahua come to find out what is going on.
Sindoora tells them that there was blood and there were photographs.

Bharat asks what photographs.
Sindoora says her hands are covered in blood.
Bharat shows her that her hands are clean.
The party members decide among themselves that something is wrong with Sindoora and they need to inform the other party members.

Bharat is with his mother in her room.
He tells her that Amar and Divya are responsible for everything and he wants to kill them
Sindoora says he's right and she will kill them.
She says she will kill them on the day of the festival starting in 3 days.

Bharat tells himself that this was what he wanted and Sindoora is the one to die not Amar and Divya.
Divya and Amar are waiting.
Bharat comes to tell them that it's done as Sindoora wants to kill them in 3 days.

He says they have to plan properly as right now Sindoora doesn't know if she's crazy or not.
Amar says the story Sindoora Singh wrote will finally end.

Bharat is in his room.
He makes a call to request for a camera and some equipment.
Aditi enters the room and asks if he really wants to do this to his mother.
Bharat says he spent his life trying to hurt her and now it's time and nothing will change his mind.

Next day, Amar drives Divya to the farmhouse.
He has flashbacks of when they danced there in the rain.
Divya also remembers.

They get out of the car and it starts raining.
Divya is enjoying herself but Amar takes her inside the house.
He lights a candle then tells Divya to call Bharat to let him know they are trapped there and can't return tonight due to the rain.

Divya calls Bharat and he tells her it's not a problem.
He says staying away will give them time to be alone.
Sindoora is sleeping at night.
Her bedroom window is open.
Bharat is standing outside the window.
He puts a recorder in a flower pot and places it
under her window.

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