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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 75 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 12 September 2017
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Amar enters the room and asks Divya if she's okay.
Divya quickly wipes her tears and pretends all is well.
She tells him she just felt nauseous and it's nothing to worry about.
He asks if she is okay.
She assures him that she's feeling great.
She asks if he's angry at her.
He doesn't respond.
Divya says she knows how he feels as she can see it in his eyes and he doesn't know how much it hurts for her to know he's angry at her.
Amar says he can't bear to be angry at her.
She asks why he doesn't talk to her anymore.
He says it's because he can't do what she's asking of him.
They are both crying.
Divya wipes Amar's tears and tells him that she would never leave, no matter what happens in their future.

The ceremony ends.
Gauri is cleaning up.
She packs the prayer trays and Uma tells her to give them to her.
Gauri says she wants to help.
Chandra tells her that she is a stranger and should do as Uma says.

Karuna calls Bharat into her room to ask if all the wedding arrangements have been made.
Bharat says he has handled everything.
He asks what's wrong.
She says he has done everything but she needs to do what she has to.
She takes out her suitcase and says since the wedding is at 8, she would be leaving by 7.
She starts to put her things together.

Gauri is praying in the family prayer room.
She asks for help as she is confused over what Divya told her.

Aditi is in the room thinking of Karuna's rejection.
Divya brings in a tray of makeup to help her get ready for the wedding.
Aditi says she can't be happy knowing Bharat is not happy because his mother won't accept her as her daughter in law and doesn't even want to attend their wedding.

Divya tells her not to worry as the Almighty will always be with her and Karuna will stay for the wedding.
Aditi asks how that will happen.
Divya says Bharat loves his mother very much and would stop her from leaving.

Divya is getting ready for the wedding.
Amar comes into the room.
He kisses her hair and she hugs him tightly.
He asks why she's holding him as though he would run away.
Divya says she felt like giving him a hug as she might not see him again.
He asks what she means.
She says she might not have that time to hug him later as she would be busy so she wants to hug him now.

Karuna brings her bag downstairs, ready to leave.
She wonders why there is no one around.
Bharat appears and tells her the wedding will happen this way and his marriage will be the same, empty and deserted if he doesn't have her in his life.
He kneels before her crying.
She asks him what's wrong.
He says he wants her to bless him because his real mother was never a mother to him.
He begs her to give him Aditi.
Karuna starts crying.
She holds him.
The lights come on and the rest of the family members walks in.
Uma tells Karuna that they are now happy that she has agreed.

It's time for the wedding ceremony to begin.
Aditi is escorted downstairs by her friends.
Bharat tells her that there is a surprise for her.
He points and she looks to see Karuna coming.
Aditi sheds tears of joy.
Divya reminds her that she told her to have faith in Bharat.

After the ceremony is over, Bharat and Aditi go to take Karuna's blessings.
Karuna pulls back and doesn't allow Aditi to touch her feet.
She looks at Bharat then gives in and blesses her.

Divya sees Gauri standing all by herself so she calls her to come and congratulate the couple.
Amar walks away.

Later on, Gauri returns the clothes and jewelry that Divya gave her for the wedding.

Amar enters the room from the bathroom, half dressed.
He sees Gauri and turns back.
Gauri leaves the room.

Divya asks Amar why he doesn't even like to look at Gauri.
Amar says he doesn't know her and doesn't want her to stay in the house but it is what Divya wants.
He leaves the room in anger.

Divya tells herself that it is what she wants as Amar needs to get used to having Gauri as his wife.

Amar goes to meet Gauri in the garden.
He asks what she's still doing in his house when she knows he has a wife who is pregnant.
He tells her to leave his family and his life.

Gauri returns to the house crying.
Divya sees her and tells her to come.
Gauri says she can't tolerate the situation any longer.
Divya tells her that the Almighty brought her there to make her stronger.
Gauri says she has to leave because she can't continue to make Divya and everyone else suffer.
Divya says her life can't be any worse than it is and Gauri cannot leave because Amar needs her.
Divya cries and pleads with her.

At night, Divya lays awake in bed thinking.
Amar asks her if they should go for a walk.
Divya is in pain but tries to hide it from Amar.
He asks if she's okay.
She lies that's she's fine.
She tells him that she doesn't think it's very healthy for him to be very attached to her.
He reminds her that she's his wife.
She tells him that he doesn't understand.
He carries her out of bed and takes her downstairs.
She tells him to get her a blanket as she's feeling very cold.
He asks if she wants his sweater.
She turns her face away and begs him to get her blanket.
He leaves to get it.

Divya sits on the stairs in pain.
Amar returns with the blanket to see her struggling.
She faints.

Amar takes Divya to the hospital.
Divya is rushed into the theatre.

Amar asks the doctor what's going on and why the doctor hadn't sent Divya's report.
The doctor tells him she sent the report a long time ago and also recommended that Divya takes her antibiotics and pain killers but Divya hasn't been taking them so she had developed kidney disease.
Amar asks why Divya needs the drugs.
The doctor tells him that Divya is suffering from a life threatening disease and as it is, they can only save either Divya or the baby.

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