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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 76 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 13 September 2017
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Amar begs the doctorto tell him everything about Divya's condition.

The doctor shows him some Xrays of Divya's kidneys and tells him that they need to perform an operation but they can't do so in her condition so she has been given pain killers and too many pain killers aren't good for the baby.

She also tells him that after this pregnancy,
Divya would not be able to conceive again.
Amar enters Divya's hospital room.

Divya begs him to forgive her.
Amar's tears flow freely.
Divya begs him to come to her.
He sits on the bed and asks why she has done what she did.

Divya says she did it for his happiness as she knows he has always wanted to be a father and since she couldn't give him in their past life, she wants to give him now.

She says she really wants to keep the childand also wants to be with him but she has chosen to give him the child and she would be leaving even though it's the last thing she wants to do.

Amar hugs her tightly and assures her that nothing will happen to her.

Amar takes Divya to see different doctors to know if they can save Divya and the baby.
They say nothing can be done.
Amar brings Divya home and tells her that they would see foreign doctors and if need be, they would go abroad.

He asks her what she wants to eat.
She jokingly lists a lot of food she wants him to make for her.
As he's about to leave the room, Divya m0ans in pain and Amar rushes to her.
He asks for the drugs and she says she doesn't any.

The family is having breakfast downstairs.

Aditi serves them.
Karuna tells Aditi that she must wear her wedding chain every day.
Bharat explains that she just had a bath that is why she is not wearing it.
Aniket asks if anyone has seen Divya and Amar.

Chandra says they haven't come downstairs.
Aniket complains that they seem to always keep to themselves lately.
Divya wakes up to find Amar is not in the room.
She goes to look for him and finds him standing in front of the baby nursery.
She goes to him and he opens the door to the room.

Divya enters the room and it's completely empty.
She is shocked.
Amar says he has decided that he doesn't want the child and only wants her.
Divya asks how he can think of that.
Amar says it hurts but she has to do it.
Divya says she can't.
Amar tells her that he won't let her give up her life for the child so he wants her to terminate the pregnancy.

They are both crying.
Divya asks how they can do that to their only child.
Amar says he wants them to be together and he can't live without her.
Divya she really wants to be a mother.
Amar tells her not to listen to doctors then because the Almighty is the one who decides and he will be the one who gives them a child and if they can't have a child then they will adopt.

Divya says their child is inside of her.
Amar tells her that she will have to terminate the pregnancy.
Aditi enters the room to meet Bharat sitting on the bed.
He tells her that he will now be able to watch her every day and he doesn't know if it's a dream.

He tries to kiss her but there is a knock on the door.
He opens the door and sees his mother.
She tells him that her niece is in Delhi so she invited her to come and stay and she wanted to know if it's okay with him.

Bharat says she doesn't need his permission.
She tells him she had to ask since he's married now.
Aditi tells her she's free to invite anyone and it would give her a chance to meet the niece.
Karuna says Risha doesn't just meet anyone.
Aditi is hurt but she doesn't respond.

Amar suggests to Divya that they tell everyone at home what is going on.
A servant is trying to clean out the flowers used for the wedding.
Aniket tells him not to take them away because the celebration is still on.
Divya asks Amar if he still thinks it's a good idea to tell the family.

Chintu is playing a game of cricket inside the house.
He tells Aditi to play with him.
Aditi tells him that Karuna's niece is coming and she's his age.
Chintu says he doesn't talk to girls.
Risha enters and Chintu is smitten by her.
Bharat introduces Risha to Aditi and Aditi takes her to meet every member of the family.
Later at night, Divya is in her room talking to her baby.

She assures the baby that she would do anything to save him.
Amar enters the room and holds her.
He says it wouldn't be right to tell the family the truth as they are still in a celebratory mood.
He tells her they have a doctor's appointment and she shouldn't forget that the termination has to happen.
Divya starts crying.
A ceremony is being held for Aditi.
Karuna's friend tells Karuna that she is lucky to have such a beautiful daughter in law and she is sure Bharat was smitten and couldn't believe his luck when he saw her.

Karuna says Bharat was so smitten that he forgot Aditi was married before.
Aditi is shocked.
Karuna leaves the celebration and goes upstairs.
Divya is in her room looking at her stomach in the mirror.
She tells herself that it would be a sin to kill her child so she would try and convince Amar not to have the abortion.

Amar tells himself that he knows the decision is hurting Divya and he can't talk to the others about it but he has to make a decision tonight and knows what he has to do.
Amar enters the room and tells Divya that he has made the appointment.

Divya makes him sit down and she holds his hand.
She says maybe the report the doctor gave is false and she believes she and the baby will be fine.
He tries to protest but she tells him to understand.
Amar tells her to also understand because he won't be able to live if anything happens to her.

Divya clutches her stomach in pain.
She passes out.
Divya wakes up in the theatre and asks what going on.
The doctor tells her they are terminating the pregnancy.
Divya hears her baby begging her not to send him away.
She struggles with the doctorsand runs out to meet Amar in the waiting room.

She tells him that she can't get rid of the baby.
He begs her to just go through with it.
The doctors come to take her away.
She struggles with them as they go.
Amar breaks down in tears.

Divya is taken back into the theatre.
Amar is restless.
Divya is wheeled out of the theatre.
Amar asks if she's okay.
She doesn't respond.

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