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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 77 Recap - Aired: Thursday 14 September 2017
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Amar carries Divya back home and lays her on the bed.

He tells her that she will recover quickly and they will get her kidney operation done soon.
Divya doesn't respond.
She closes her eyes.
Amar cries quietly.
Amar comes downstairs to hear Aniket telling the rest of the family that he is getting a grandson.

The rest of the family members get excited about the baby.

Chintu says he got the baby a doll.
Risha joins them.
Amar is unable to say anything to them.
The family members decorate the house.

Bharat covers Amar's eyes and brings him downstairs.

When Amar opens his eyes, he sees the decorations and the family members surprise him by telling him that they have planned the ceremony to celebrate the baby.

Amar says he can't do it.

Uma tells him it's an important tradition.
Amar says there isn't a baby.
He tells them everything.
Uma asks why he didn't tell them before.
Amar asks how he could tell them.
He says Divya knew before him and was suffering in silence.

He says he's so sorry.
He turns to see Divya watching.
She leaves the room crying.
Amar goes to meet her in their room.
He tells her that everyone loves her and they understand the pain she's going through.
Amar gives her her medicine.

Divya says she's getting nervous.
Amar leaves the room to go and get her some juice.
Divya goes to the wardrobe to hide the tablet in the bottle.
She tells Amar in her mind that she's so sorry to be keeping such a big secret.

She has a flashback of her time in the operating theatre where she told the nurse that she doesn't want to go through with the operation and she didn't want Amar to know.

Amar returns with the juice.

He asks if she has had the medicine and she nods.
He tells her he's sorry and he assures her that things would go back to normal.
He takes her downstairs and to meet the rest of the family members.
Everyone is sad.

Divya cries as she hugs Uma.
Uma asks why she didn't tell them instead of bearing the pain alone.
Aditi tells her she should have leaned on the family.

Karuna tells her to be strong and leave everything in God's hands.
Bharat says they have to get her treated as soon as possible.
Uma tells her to forget about the baby and God will give her another one.
At night, Amar is sleeping but Divya lies awake in bed.

She thinks about her baby being so unfortunate that the ceremonies won't be performed for him.
She resolves to perform the ceremonies on her own.

She goes downstairs to the prayer room and performs the ceremony alone.
She turns and sees Gauri looking at her.
Gauri asks if she's still carrying her child.
Divya admits she's still pregnant.
She says nobody else knows and she wants Gauri to promise her that she would take her place when she's gone.

Gauri says she won't be able to.
Divya places Gauri's hand on her head and makes her promise that when she's gone, Gauri would be Amar's wife and will raise her child.
Gauri tries to refuse but Divya pleads with her and asks if she doesn't think it was all designed by the Almighty; first Amar coming to her village and she thought he was Shivam then he got married to her and she came to Delhi and found her way to the house.
She asks if Gauri thinks it's all a coincidence.

She says they have to follow the path the Almighty has set for them and says she wants to know Amar and her baby would be safe and once she's sure of that, she can die peacefully.

Gauri hugs her.
In the morning, Aditi brings the prayer offering to Karuna in her room.
Karuna tells her that good girls cover their heads when performing prayer rituals and when talking to their elders.
Aditi quickly covers her head and apologises.
Karuna tells her that she has brought bad luck to the house and caused Divya to lose her baby.

She says she hopes she doesn't cause Bharat and the family any more bad luck.
Aditi is crying.
Aditi enters Bharat's room looking dazed.
She plays Karuna's words in her head as she folds Bharat's clothes.
Bharat blows some rose petalsat her.

She smiles and he holds her.
He sees the look on her face and asks what's bothering her.
She tells him it's nothing.
He tells her to remember to always keep him in her thoughts as well.
He holds her again.
Aditi thinks about how to tell him the truth that being with her will cause him pain.
She decides that she will have to push him away.

The family is having breakfast.
Gauri serves Amar and he refuses to accept the food.
Uma offers Divya some papaya and Gauri realises it could harm the baby.
She takes it from Uma and Uma to sends her to go to the kitchen and do some chores.
Gauri leaves and Uma offers the papaya to Divya again.

Amar tries to feed her but Divya shouts at him that she doesn't want it.
She leaves the table.
She apologises to him in her mind saying she can't harm her baby.
Later on, Amar is in the room with Divya.
She apologises to him for shouting at breakfast.

He says as long as she felt good, she should do it some more.
As Amar is leaving for the office, he remembers Divya hasn't taken her medicine.
He returns to the room to see Gauri giving it to her, so he leaves.
When he is gone, Divya doesn't take the medicine and she thanks Gauri for helping her.
Gauri says she will be with her every step of the way and she prays nothing happens to Divya or the baby.

Divya brings Gauri with her for a checkup at the hospital.
The doctor says the baby is fine but Divya has to endure more pain as the baby gets bigger.
Divya says she would be able to endure it.
Gauri starts to take care of Divya fully.
Aditi is cleaning the room.

A file falls from the top of the wardrobe and her photos with Karan spill put.
As she tries to retrieve them, one blows towards away and lands at Karuna's feet.
Aditi sees Karuna and panics.

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