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'The Vow' Season 2 Episode 78 Recap - Aired: Friday 14 September 2017
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Aditi picks up the photos.
Karuna picks up the photo by her feet and sees its a photo of Aditi and Karan.
She tells Aditi that she likes the photo and sees that she hasn't taken her husband's name.
Aditi says he's no longer her husband.
Karuna asks why she still has his photo.
Aditi says she doesn't know how the photo got there.

Bharat enters the room and Karuna sends Aditi to go and make some tea for him.
Aditi leaves the room.

Bharat says he's lucky to have a wife like Aditi.
Karuna says Aditi still has memories from her past.
She gives him the photo and says Aditi spends her days thinking of her past.

Divya is at the hospital getting a sonogram.
Gauri is with her.

Amar comes to the hospital.
He asks to see a doctor so that he can collect Divya's medication.

The nurse tells him that Divya's file is with the gynaecologist.
He asks for her office and the nurse directs him.

He wonders why the gynaecologist would have Divya's file.

He enters her office and sees the sonogram on the monitor.
He smiles and reaches to touch the baby on the screen.

He doesn't see Divya and the doctor as they are behind a curtain.

He calls for the doctor.
Divya hears his voice and signals to the doctor not to let him know she's there.

The doctor goes out to meet Amar.
He asks why she has Divya's file.
The doctor tells him that Divya's case is complicated.
She gives him the file.

Before leaving, Amar turns to look at the sonogram once more.

Divya cries to Gauri about the fact that Amar was longing for a child.

She says she wishes everything wasn't complicated.

Divya and Gauri return home.
Uma asks what took them so long.
Gauri says they didn't finish the ceremony at the temple on time.
Uma says she wasn't talking to her.
Gauri sadly walks away.
Divya says she's tired and needs to go and rest.

Amar returns home and asks Aniket and Uma why they look sad.
Uma says they can't help but be sad because of what's happening to Divya.
Amar says it breaks his heart too.

Bharat overhears them.

He comes to Uma and He tells her that he feels like crying when he sees how unhappy Divya and Amar are.
Uma tells him to be strong.

Amar walks up to them.
Bharat gives him a hug and tells him not to ever feel he's alone.
Amar says he can't feel alone with them around.
Bharat suggests taking Divya out on a picnic.

The servant informs Gauri that Divya didn't touch her food.
Gauri takes the food to her in the room.
Divya says she has no appetite.
Gauri says she needs to eat.
She feeds her.

Karuna asks the servant for pickles and the servant tells her that Gauri took them to Divya.
Karuna gets suspicious.
She asks Bharat if he has noticed anything strange about Divya lately.
Bharat says he hasn't noticed anything.

Divya is in her room, clutching her stomach in pain.
She tells her baby that she's betraying everybody just to bring him into the world but she knows when they finally meet him, they won't be angry anymore.

She sees Bharat and Amar watching her.
Amar says they now know everything.
She panics and asks what they know.
Bharat says they know she likes to look at herself in the mirror.
They laugh and Divya is relieved.
Amar tells her that Bharat has planned a family picnic.
Divya says she doesn't want to go.
Bharat pleads with her and she gives in.

Uma tells Aniket that she doesn't Divya would come on the picnic.
Chandra comes downstairs and pretends to be sad.
Uma asks what's wrong.
Chandra smiles and says Divya has agreed.

Divya is in the room looking for what to wear to cover her growing belly.
She settles for Amar's shawl.
She wraps it around her body.

Karuna enters and asks why she is wearing Amar's scarf.
Divya says her woolen clothes have shrunk.
Karuna gives her a sweater to put on but Divya refuses to take it and leaves the room.

Karuna asks herself why Divya is walking like she's pregnant.

Karuna tells Bharat that she doesn't feel like going to the picnic.
Chandra tells her that nobody would be home so she needs to come.

Everyone is downstairs.
Uma asks if they've packed all they need.
Gauri says she has packed the food.
Uma ignores her and tells Chandra that she packed fruits and sandwiches.

Divya asks Gauri why she's not dressed.
Chandra says someone has to stay home.
Amar tells Gauri to come with them.

At the picnic, Amar brings caps for everyone.
The caps all have the word 'Family' written on them.
He puts one on each family member's head and tells them that they are family.
He gets to Gauri and hesitates.
He gives her by hand instead of putting it on her head like he did the others.

Amar decides to teach Divya how to play cricket.
Bharat sees them and also decides to teach Aditi.
Karuna sees them together and she sends Aditi to help her get her medicine.

Aditi later gives Bharat some water to wash his hands.
He stares into her eyes as he washes his hands.

Karuna sees them and asks for water too.
Aditi leaves Bharat and goes to her.

Bharat introduces a game of passing a jar as the music plays then when it stops, the person holding the jar has to open it and take out a piece of paper and whatever is contained in the paper, the person must do.
It first lands on Aniket and he has to dance.

The second time, it stops with Divya and she's supposed to act out the name of a movie for others to guess.
As she stands up she feels pain in her stomach and she falls to her knees.
Everyone panics and Divya pretends it's still a part of her act.

Gauri says the title of the movie is 'Pain.'
Divya says she's correct.
Chandra says Divya got them scared and they didn't know it was an act.

Back home, Divya thanks Gauri for saving her.
Gauri gives her a baby doll and tells her to assume she's cuddling her baby whenever she cuddles the doll.
She tells her not to ever think she wouldn't be able to cuddle her own baby.

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