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The Wedding Contract - Season 1 - Episode 16
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ifaechi woke up the next morning to meet her mother in the parlour already set to leave…

“aahh…nne…you’re early ooh…you couldn’t even wait for breakfast..” ify said
“you of all people should know i like traveling early…go and call tony and his father let me say goodbye..”

“hmmm…not fair ooh…” she said as she left…she knocked on tony’s door…he opened few seconds later..

“woow…he thought…she still looks this beautiful even when she just woke up…
“tony…did you hear what i just said.”
“yes..what..what did you say..?” tony asked
“where was your mind….i said mama is leaving now…she asked me to call you..”ify repeated
“what..??…so early..??” he asked
“she likes travelling early…go and meet her..let me go and call father..” ify said…she went to his room and knocked severally
but did not get any response….

“he must still be sleeping ” she thought and left….she went back to the parlour… “where is mr clifford” her mother asked
“he didn’t respond when i knocked on his door…i think he’s still asleep..” ify answered
“hmmm….its unusual for father to still be asleep at this time…he must be really tired….anyway…safe journey
mama..greet the people in the village for me..”

“i will my son…take care of my only daughter for me ooh..” “i will mama..” he said putting his hands around her shoulder..
“nne bye bye..” they hugged and she left….tony turned to ify..

“so wifey…what’s for breakfast..?”
“wifey kor…mtchheeww…anything i prepare you’ll eat for now go and bath and brush your
teeth..your mouth smells..” ify teased
“what…really..thats good…you’ll smell it too” he said breathing on ify’s face as she tried to run away from him

% % %
% %

at about past 11 ify was done preparing breakfast…she set the table and called them to come eat…she only saw tony on the table who was already opening the plates
“will you stop that…where is father..??” she asked..

“i thought you called him….isn’t he coming..??”

“this is not normal…let me go and check again..”..ify knocked on his room but still did not get an answer..this turned the door
knob and it opened…she entered the room
“father…are you still sleeping..??”
*silence* “father..??” she asked…she was scared now

“chineke meehee..” ify said opening his blanket…she saw him shivering…she felt his temperature…he was very hot…

“oooohhh…since i’ve been telling you to stop over working yourself you did not listen…now
see…stand up stand up biko..bia rie nri. (come and eat.)…so i’ll go and buy drugs for you” she
said trying to help him up..

“ani adighim..(i am sick)…a choro m dibia oyibo..(i need a doctor)..” replied weakly “so sickness has thought you how to
igbo ehn…i’ve heard you…but come and eat first..i’ll call the doctor..”

tony was shocked when he saw ify helping his father to the dinning table..

“dad…what is wrong with you..??”
“he is sick ooh…” ify responded
“i’ve told you times without number to stop over working your self you won’t’re
such a stubborn old man..”

“oh…so you’ve been telling him too..?,.ify said
“will the both of you stop scolding me and call the doctor..??”


donald sat on his bed sipping garri…that was what he had resulted to since his rich
girlfriend broke up with him…leaving him with
nothing…he was on facebook looking for the next rich girl he would hook up with…suddenly his door flung open and someone rushed in…
“ooohh God…johnson…how many times will i tell you to stop coming into my house like
that…do you want to give me heart attack..?”
“sorry…sorry but dude..the news i come with called for it..” johnson said
“and what news is that..?” donald
asked…johnson dropped the news paper he was carrying in front of donald…his mouth fell open…

“is that not ifaechi…the girl you dumped because you said she was not on your level..?”
“it is her ooh…my God…she is now married to the famous anthony
smith…wooow..” he exclaimed “what will you do now…this girl don dae baff money ooh..”johnson said “meehhnnn…see how
beautiful she looks…hmmmm….i think i just found my next babe.” “next what…you think say she go look your face after the way
you take humiliate and break up with her..??”
johnson asked “you’re talking like you don’t know me again….i have my ways…i’ll be swimming in money me..”
donald said smiling

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