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Tinsel - Season 10 - Episode 2099
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Shoshanna and friends come to the studio to meet Shina.

He takes a selfie of all of them.
Sho asks what it's about.
He says it's just an ice breaker.
He asks what he can get them.
Sho says nothing, they should just get down to it.
He asks which of them is single.

Sho tells her friends to ignore him.
Tessa comes to Charles' office and says he wanted to see her.
He says he wants her to come and work with Odyssey.
She asks what role.
He says Head of PR.
She says she's not sure.

He assures her that she can do it and it will be a great career move for her.
Sho is working on Salewa's face.
She sees the camera focusing on Salewa's chest and she complains.

Shina says he's trying to get the whole package.
She tells him to focus on her face.
Amaka barges into her doctor's office and says she's some professional.
She asks why she would divulge her information to a third party without her consent.

The doctor asks what she's talking about.
Amaka says she told her husband about her fertility status.
The doctor says not quite, she simply told him that if they were both okay then she sees no reason why they can't have a baby.

She says she apologises if she unwittingly divulged any information.
Amaka says she will see about having her license revoked.
Tessa tells Charles that she can do the job but it will affect her credibility though she's always wanted to be in production.

Charles tells her to take it then.
She asks how she can be sure he has no ulterior motive.
He says they can really use her help

She says she will take the job.
He welcomes her to Odyssey.

Joanne is with Sheila at the spa.
Sheila says Nero practically told her to stay out of Amaka's marriage.
Joanne says Nero must have a sense of irony.
Sheila says he told her that he only listens to Amaka and doesn't interfere.
Joanne asks why Amaka is bent on sabotaging Sheila.
Sheila says she has no idea.

Joanne suggests they do as Nero says and leave the matter alone.
Sho and friends are at Ziggy’s.
Salewa says she hopes the video doesn't bring Sho's mothers wahala.
Ekene walks in and Helen hugs him then follows him to another table.

He says he has been thinking.
She tells him that she thinks it's best they end things.
He says that was what he wanted to tell her.
He hugs her and says 'No hard feelings.'
She agrees.

He leaves and her friends ask what happened.
Helen says she and Ekene just broke up
The friends are concerned for her but she tells them it's okay.
She tries to act like she's happy but her sadness is still evident.

Dikibo is waiting in the living room.
Amaka returns home.
She says she had a few meetings to attend to.
She takes off her shoes and sees him staring at her.

She asks about Tochi.
He says he's already in bed.
She says she will just go to bed.
He calls her back and says he's sorry as he should not have walked away when they had their argument.

She says she's also sorry.
He says someday, they can sit and discuss their family, future, babies..
She says not tonight as she's tired and needs to go to bed.
He says of course.
He reaches out to hug her but she holds his hands instead and wishes him a good night.
Next morning, Charles is at work.

He's on the phone with Vicky.
He says he feels optimistic about the future.
She asks if there is good news he is not sharing with her
He says not really but he would still like to take her out to celebrate.

She asks what they will celebrate.
He says a new day.
She asks if he stayed up all night thinking up that lame excuse?
He says he will take her out to celebrate his crush on someone.
She says he sounds like someone in secondary school.

He says the crush makes him feel young.
She says she can't make it as her schedule is crazy.
He tells her not to worry as he can think of something and will see her soon.
Serena is in Brenda's office.
Brenda says she can't blame the police.
Serena says they are not taking Zane's disappearance seriously

Brenda says they can't because they haven't filed a Missing Person's report and she was going to but doesn't want Zane to suddenly show up and get upset.
Serena says what it chief is behind it?
Brenda says she doesn't think so.
Serena says she can't put it past him as he's very wicked and quite vindictive.

Brenda gets worried.
Dikibo is with Sheila at the spa.
He says things are dicey between him and Amaka.
She asks what's wrong.
He says he believes he can discuss anything with Sheila as they are family now.
He says Amaka doesn't want to have any more children.

Sheila says she's sorry to hear and she sympathises with him but she doesn't want to get involved.
He says he really needs her help right now.
He asks if he can count on her.
The girls are at Salewa's place.
Helen says she had fun last night.

Salewa says because she was dancing with a stranger.
She tells her to take it easy.
Sho says she's having fun but also acting weird.
Obiora comes to visit.
He says he was just in the area.
He asks Sho how the video shoot went
She says it went well and as soon as it's done, she will send him a copy.

He says okay.
As he walks to the door, Sho follows.
He gives her a peck on the cheek.
Her friends smile at them.
Sho was clearly taken by surprise.
Charles and Vicky are in the backseat of his car.
He brings out a picnic basket from the boot.
He says he hopes she doesn't have a boyfriend.
She says he must really wish her well.

He says he doesn't want someone to come and break his head o.
She asks why they would break his head and says she doesn't have a boyfriend
He asks if he should be worried about crazy exes.
She says no.

He asks what he should be worried about.
She says they will see.
He hands her a plate of sandwiches.
She says it's very thoughtful of him.
la!de is in Amaka's office.

She says she's sorry as she shouldn't have told Sheila and she was only concerned.
She says if there is anything she can do to help, Amaka should let her know.
Amaka says she just needs a good friend.
la!de says Amaka can talk to her and as long as she tells Dikibo what she needs, she's sure they will be fine.

Amaka says what if she can't get what she wants?
la!de tells her to cut her losses and move on; that was what she did with Fred.
Amaka thanks her and says she knows what to do.

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