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Tinsel - Season 10 - Episode 2101
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Obiora is in his office.
He makes a call to Shoshanna.

She answers rudely and asks why he's calling with an unknown number.
He says she wasn't picking his call.
She says it's because she was doing more important things.

He asks if they can sit and talk.
She says there is nothing to talk about.
He asks why she's being different.
She says maybe she gave him the wrong impression but she wants to state it now that there is nothing going on between them.

She doesn't give him a chance to respond before she yells 'Bye!' and hangs up.
At Nero's place, he tells Amaka that she knows she shouldn't have done that.
She says he had a few minutes to stop her if he wanted to.
She grabs his face and attempts to kiss him again, saying it's been too long.

He stands up and walks away.
She follows and says she knows he came back because of Angela but he could have talked to her and they would have been together by now.
He says he already told her it was the last thing on his mind.

She says at least he's not repeating the nonsense about her being married to an older man.
He says she wasn't married then but she is now.
She says people get divorced every day.
He tells her not to say that.

She says it's because he knows she will do it.
He says he knows she can actually do it but it will be a waste of time.
She asks if he won't be with her if she was single.
He says the conversations are pointless as they've moved on and they should keep it that

She asks if it's because she has been with two other men before him.

He reminds her that he met and dated her while she was pregnant for another man.
She says he might be have changed.
He says now she's being silly and it doesn't suit her

She says he can say what he wants and call her names but she knows what she wants and she's prepared to do what she can.
He tells her to calm down.
He says sorry.

She picks up her bag and leaves.
In Brenda's office, Serena asks Brenda how she can suggest that type of thing.
Brenda says what's if it's the only way to get Chief and save Zane?

Serena asks how they can be sure Chief has Zane because for all they know, Zane's doing a contract somewhere.
Brenda says Zane was done with that life a while back.
Serena says she won't invite Chief back in her life even if it's for Zane.

Brenda says she thought she loved him.
Serena says Zane would lose his mind if he finds out she sacrificed her life for him.
Brenda asks if Alexis would be happy she didn't help save her father.
Serena says it goes to show Brenda doesn't know her and Alexis because after all Alexis saw her suffer with Chief, she would not want her to go back.

Sho is back at Salewa's house and she has told her and Helen about the conversation with Obiora.
Salewa asks her why she's like this.
Helen says poor Obiora.

Salewa says she's sure Sho would have finished him with her bad mouth.
Sho tells them to stop interfering in her romantic life.
They laugh and Helen says so she likes him yet she's forming.

Sho asks if any of them have been on Instagram today.
They say no.
She tells them to switch off their phone data.
They ask why.

She tells Helen that some girl has been posting pictures of herself and Ekene and she thinks they should just boycott social media.
She takes their phones and turns off their data.
Salewa says what about hers.
Sho says one of them has to monitor the girl and Ekene.

St John meets Sheila in the living room and asks if everything has been sorted between her and Nero.
She asks what he and Nero discussed.
He says he's glad things are well between them now.
She says they had a talk and there is no more bad blood but there is no future for them as Nero got a phone call and immediately started planning to travel without factoring her in.

He says it seems she's just making up excuses and he doesn't want her to make the same mistakes he made; she needs to seize the day.
Brenda enters her office and sees an envelope on her desk.

She calls Queen to ask who it came from.
Queen says the guy didn't say his name but said it was urgent.
She opens the envelope and sees a photo of her, Zane and Kwame.

Her smile is very wide.
There is an accompanying letter.
She kisses the photo and leaves the office.
Maami returns home very tired.
Salewa tells her to go and rest.
Maami says they need to make dinner.
Helen asks if she needs a massage.

Maami says with her mosquito hands.
Maami asks Sho why she's not talking.
Sho says she's waiting for her video to be ready.
Maami says she will feature it on her show and Sho will be an example for other young girls.
Sho tells Helen and Salewa to go and help Maami.
Maami sings Sho's praises, calling her a hard working business woman.

Helen and Salewa follow Maami to the kitchen.
Sho calls Shina to ask if he has taken down the video.
He says he has.
She thanks him and tells him to re-edit it.
la!de comes to see Amaka in her office.
Amaka informs her that they will be co-producing Angela’s biopic with Odyssey.
la!de asks if it's a good idea.

Amaka says it happens all the time, studios co-produce.
la!de asks if Dikibo is aware.
Amaka asks if she needs his permission to co-produce a movie about a friend's daughter.
la!de says Amaka is the boss and she's at her service.

Amaka says they will be working with Charles and Nero.
Amaka sees the look on la!de's face and says she's sorry as her nerves are all over the place.
la!de says it's fine.
Amaka gets a call from Dikibo.

She tells him she's not sure she will be back early before he leaves but the nanny can stay with Tochi.
She says she will try to come but she has a lot of work and he shouldn't hold his breath.
After the call, la!de says she can handle the work while Amaka goes home.

Amaka says no.
la!de insists and begs her to go home at the close of work.
Brenda comes to see Serena at home.
Serena opens the door.
Brenda tells her that Zane is fine
Serena asks if he called.
Brenda says he sent her a photo.
Serena asks to see it.

Brenda gives it to her.
Serena says it doesn't mean anything.
Brenda says he also sent a letter.
Serena says classic Zane, always sends letters with cryptic messages when he goes out of circulation.

Brenda says he wrote it in his hand-writing.
Serena asks to see it.
Brenda hesitates then hands it over.
Serena says he signed it with 'You will always have my heart.'
She says it's not a cryptic message but at least now they know the bastard is fine.

Brenda tells her to say hello to Alexis.
Serena shuts the door after Brenda leaves and she bangs on it out of frustration.
Charles is in his office.
He gets a message that Mimi has come to see him. .

He sets his phone to record just before she walks in.
She enters and asks if he wanted to see her.
He says yes and begs her to sit.
She sits and he asks if she wants tea or anything.
She says she wants to know why he wanted to see her.

He says he wants them to have an honest conversation.
She asks what about.
He says the dynamics between Odyssey and Invest Africana.

She asks what's wrong.
He says the last time they spoke she said some things that bothered him.
He stutters as he's talking.
She asks why he's sweating.
He wipes his forehead.

She tells him to get a handkerchief.
He gets one and starts stuttering again.
She says she has had enough of the BS and wants to know the real reason he wanted to see her.
Sheila comes to see Nero.
She says she tried calling.

He says he saw her missed call and made a mental note to call when when he's at the airport.
She says she wanted to see him one last time.
He says she makes it sound like he's not returning.
She says he knows what she means.
He says he does.

She asks if he will give her something to remember her by.
He asks what.
She says like a goodbye kiss.
He says it will be a welcome back kiss and he will save it till he gets back.

She says she can wait.
She asks if he's ready so she can drop him off at the airport.
He says she doesn't have to.
She says she wants to and also wants to continue working on the biopic while he's away.
He is pleasantly surprised.

She says as long as he will promise not to stay away too long.
He says he is promising.
Charles asks Mimi what she thinks is the real reason he wanted to see her.

She says she thinks he hasn't gotten over her.
He is shocked but quickly recovers and says he's sorry to disappoint her but she's wrong.
She goes to pull him out of his chair then she kisses him.
She says she wasn't wrong.

As she turns to leave, he pulls her back for a ravaging kiss.
Amaka returns home.
Dikibo asks if she would like to change into something more comfortable before they talk.
Amaka says she's okay.
He sits beside her and says everything has gotten pretty exhausting and it's all his fault.
She says she wants what she wants and he wants what he wants and they are all valid.

He says that's why he shouldn't have put his needs before her and he's sorry.
She says apology accepted..
He says he wants her whether she wants kids or not so he wants them to forget the past and start a new beginning.

Amaka looks very uncomfortable.
He begs her to talk to him.
She says she is sorry but all she wants now is a divorce.

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