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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2122 Recap - Aired: Monday 11 September 2017
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Bimpe is at Ene's place.
Ene asks if she has been telling her colleagues about her food business.
Bimpe says she has and Ene can even bring her food to sell at the office.
Ene thanks her.
Bimpe says she hopes Damini wouldn't think they've turned his company into a Buka.
Ene says he would understand.
Bimpe says he's not understanding these days.
Ene asks what going on.
Bimpe tells her how she messed up on their last contract so Damini had to travel to go and meet the client.
Ene suggests she does something really special for him when he gets back.

Nero is at Serena's.
He brings her a cup of coffee.
She asks when the police are coming.
Nero says he spoke to Sankey and she would be there soon.
Serena says she must be having a nightmare and she would wake up soon.
She starts calling out to Alexis to wake up.
Nero tries to assure her that everything will be alright.
Serena says she needs to get in touch with Zane as he would know what to do.
Nero tells her he already contacted the police.

Telema is with Bimpe in the office.
Bimpe says if she didn't see photos of Telema and Kayode balling in the Maldives, she wouldn't have known as Telema left without a word.
Telema says it wasn't all fun.
She says she met up with an international agency that wants to hook her up with work abroad and she would need to travel again soon.
Bimpe says Kayode is really trying for her.
Telema says she's happy he's finally supportive of her career.

Damini walks in looking furious.
Telema leaves.

Bimpe asks Damini if the client gave them the contract back.
He says no.
She says she's sorry.
She goes to sit in his lap and she asks what he brought back from his trip for her.
The look he gives her makes her stand up.

She gets a call from her Aunty who asks to speak with Damini.
She pleads with him to take the call.
He begrudgingly takes the phone from her.

Yaya is looking at photos on her tablet.
Philip asks what has gotten her attention.
Yaya says she's looking at photos of the new spa.

He sits with her and thanks her for being big about the situation that happened yesterday.
She says it's okay.
He says they can't keep sweeping the issue under the carpet.
She says she doesn't know what to do.
Philip says he wants to want her
She says 'Ouch!;
He says the doctor said he's fine.
Yaya assures him he's fine because she 'sees him' in the morning.
He blushes.
She teases him about it.
He suggests they go somewhere for dinner.

Joanne is with Sheila at the spa.
She suggests they bring Freddie on board to help.
Sheila says no.
Joanne suggests they get someone to help with the customers.
She says she poached someone already from another spa.
Sheila tells her Yaya is back.
Joanne asks if Yaya would like to work with them.
Sheila says she hasn't asked her and doesn't know what she wants to do yet.

Sankey is at Serena's place.
She asks for details.
Nero says the security men were knocked out and it seems the men were waiting for Serena to come out.
Sankey asks Serena if she has any idea who is behind it.
Serena says she knows it's Chief.

Bimpe tells Damini that she's sorry.
He says he has heard but needs time.

A delivery man delivers a cake to Damini.
He opens it and sees 'I'm sorry' written on it.
He smiles and tells Bimpe to come.
She goes back to sit in his lap.
He asks if she thinks she's found his Mumu button now.
She says she was scared and thought he would break up with her.
He says he loves her too much.

He starts to cut the cake.
Bimpe picks up her phone to take a photo.
He asks what she's doing.
She says it's for Instagram, hashtag makeup.
He tells her to have all of the cake
He walks out.

Dikibo is with la!de at the office.
She is researching holiday packages online.
He tries to help her then he says he can't do it as he's worried about Tochi.
la!de tells him to call Amaka to find out.
He says no.
She tells him to go and check up on him.
He says he doesn't want to deal with Amaka.
She reminds him that it was Amaka that offended him and not Tochi.

Sankey asks Serena why she thinks it's Chief.
Serena says she doesn't have any other enemies.
Sankey asks if she has contacted Zane.
Serena says she tried to but she got nothing.

There is a knock on the door.
Nero answers it.

Brenda comes in.
She asks Serena what's going on.
Sankey asks what's she's doing there.
Brenda says she heard about the kidnapping.
Sankey asks how she got to know.
Brenda says they should be focusing on how to find Alexis.

Serena says so it was Brenda working with Chief and must have told him Zane was out of town.
Brenda asks if she's high.
Serena lunges at her but Nero holds her back.

Brenda says she doesn't deserve the attack.
Serena tells her to tell them how she knew.
Brenda says she was having Serena watched and thought she had something to do with Zane's disappearance as the police wasn't helping.
Sankey warns Brenda not to drag her into it.
Serena says so they are no closer to finding Alexis.
She says Chief must have taken Zane and Alexis.
Brenda asks how Zane was able to call her if Chief took him.

Serena says she doesn't know.
Sankey assures her that they would find Alexis.

Amaka is at home trying to get Tochi to eat but he refuses.
Dikibo comes to visit.
Amaka is happy to see him.
He gives her a bag with a present for Tochi.
He feeds Tochi and Tochi eats.
Amaka is happy and relieved as she watches them.

Bimpe cries out loud and begs Damini to forgive her.
He gives in and eats the cake.
She hugs him.
He says he doesn't understand her obsession with social media; it's not everything she needs to share online.
She says she's a celebrity.
He says he's not a celebrity.
She says she might as well give the company Instagram account to the temp.
He says she can't do that.
She reminds him of what he just said.
He says not when it has to do with work

Sheila comes to see Freddie in his room.
She meets him playing a video game.
She asks what his plan for the year is.
He says she's looking at it.
She asks if he wants to play video games for the year.
She snatches the game console from him and flings it.
He tells her it's expensive.
She flicks his ear and says he's testing her.
He says she asked him what he wanted to do for the year and he just told her.
She says if he wants to play games, they will play games.

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