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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2124 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 13 September 2017
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Damini enters the office and Bimpe squeals.
He asks what wrong.

She says she's reviving her acting career.
He gives a dry 'Oh!'
She tells him he's supposed to be more supportive.
The temp brings a giftbag and says the deliveryman droppedit.

Damini asks if Bimpe sent it
Bimpe says she didn't.
She takes out a card and it reads 'Happy Anniversary Dam.'

She asks who is sendinghim an anniversary gift.
He says he recognises the hand writing and it's from his ex, Bisola.

Bimpe doesn't find itfunny.
Serena gets a call from Chief.
He tells her that he heard she's missingher darling husband.

She tells him not to harm Alexis.
He asks why he would do that.
She says he heard Zane wasn't with her and he made the stupid move.
He assures her that Alexis is fine.
She tells him to give her back her daughter.
He tells her to come back home to her husband.

She threatens to find him and kill him if he does anything to Alexis.
He tells her to shut up as she knows what to do.
Bimpe is punching her keyboardhard.
Damini tells her that if her anger is about Bisola, it's nothing.

She asks how he calls receiving an anniversary gift from his ex, nothing.
He says they always send each other anniversary gifts.
She tells him to send it back to his ex otherwise she would take it as a sign he wants to get back with her.

She storms out.
Philip calls Amaka on the phone.
She is excited to hear from him.
She asks if he came back with Yaya.
He says he did.
She says she's very happy to hear that.

He says he was also happy to hear that she got marriedto Dikibo.

Amaka is quiet.
He says he also heard that she moved back into her house.
He asks if there is anything he needs to know.
She says not now and not over the phone.
He says he's heading over to hers.

She tries to protest but he says he's coming over.
Bimpe meets Bash at Ziggy’s.
Bash hails her with his mouth full.
He asks how Telema's health is

Bimpe says she is still ill and they need to put her in their prayers.
She asks if he has any acting gig for her.
He asks if she doesn't know she's now a big producer.
Bimpe says she wants to return to her first love.

He laughs.
She says she wants to doacting and producing.
He says he can give her anything but he doesn't want her to disappoint him

She assures him that she wouldn't disappoint him.
Freddie goes to the bar at home to pour himself some alcohol in his glassof juice.
Sheila walks inandhe greets her cheerily.
She says she can't remember the last time he was this excited to see her.

She says she has decided to fix the WiFi so he can take his online classes.
He thanks her.
Sankey and IK are still at Brenda's house.
Serena tells them that Chief said he has Alexis.
Sankey asks what he said.

Brenda tells Sankey to just go and bring Chief down.
Sankey says she just wants to make sure they are not chasing shadows.
Serena says he told her to drop all charges and return to him if she wanted to see Alexis again.

Sankey says Chief is in custody and wouldn't have been able to planthe kidnap.
Brenda says Sankey is underestimating him.
Serena begs Sankey to find her daughter.
Bimpe is still at Ziggy’s.

She gets a call from Damini.
He asks where she is.
She says she's at Ziggy’s.
He tells her to just come back to work.
She says she will call the production managershe was supposed to meet with and cancel.

The staff of Reel welcome Philip back with a bottle of champagne.
He tells them he's not happy as he came back to find out that Odyssey and Phoenix Primeare doing big things but Reel isn't.

He says they have to get back into the groove of things and stay on top.
la!de whispers to him that she agrees but he shouldn't leavethem hanging half way through.

He says if she had struggled to live like he has in recent times, she would understand that he wants to make every moment count.
She says it's good to have him back.
Nerois at Sheila's place.

He tells her about the kidnapping.
She says she can't begin to understand how the mother must feel.
Nerosays he feelsguilty.

She tells him it wasn't his fault.
He says the feeling of being helpless is one he is getting too familiar with.
She asks what he means.
He says he also failed Angela.
She tells him that he has to let go of the past.
He says he's trying but can't make peace with the futureif he doesn't let go of the past.

Philip calls his wife.
She says she is rounding up at work to get ready for their date
He says he has to cancel as he has to see Amaka because there is something wrong with her and Dikibo.

Yaya tries not to show her disappointment.
Philip makes a call to an assistant to help send flowers to Yaya at work.

He calls Fumi to ask if there is something going on in the office that he needs to know asides work.
She says it's just work.
Nero is at the station.
Sankey says she needed to see Serena.
He asks if Alexis has been found.

She says they know Serena's ex-husband has her.
Nero asks what the world is turninginto.
Sankey says they are hoping they get it resolved.

He says he came to see her about Angela as he heard some things he needs to confirm.
Bimpe returns to work.

Damini says she can't leave her work to be going to look for acting jobs and shoots.
Bimpe says she can if she gets a manager like Kayode did for Telema.
He asks if this is her cue for him to get her a manager.

She says of course.
She sees he has opened the gift and she asks him about it.
He says gifts are meant to be open.
She says she's done.

She goes to sit at her desk.
He tries to tease her but she ignores him.
Sankey says Angela was like a cat with 9 lives and was always close to death; they always wanted to kill her, Alhaji Abubakar's friends, his enemies and Fabian.

Nero says Fabian, the same Fabian who set him up.
He asks what business he had with Angela.
Sankey says Angela wanted Nero's name cleared so she came up with a plan and now Nero is a free man.

He says at what expense.
He asks if she can take him to see Fabian in prison.
Freddie is on a video call with his friend, Ivie.
He complains about his punishment.
Ivie says it's all her fault and she's sorry.
She asks what he's going to do.

He says he can't sit around the whole year, he's definitely going abroad to school.
She asks if his family will agree to pay.
He says he doesn't need them to as he would do it himself.

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