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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2125 Recap - Aired: Thursday 14 September 2017
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Telema is in Bimpe's office.
Bimpe asks her for the number of the manager Kayode got her.

Telema asks why.
Bimpe says Skyscraper productions is looking for talent managers to work with.
Telema gives her the number.
Bimpe says she doesn't know what she would do now that Telema is leaving.

Telema says she would miss her and will put in a good word for Bimpe with the agency abroad.
Bimpe hugs her.
Damini tells Telema to take care.
Telema leaves.
Bimpe returns to her desk ignoring Damini.
Damini tries to apologise to her and he tells her the gift didn't mean anything.

Bimpe ignores him.
Damini says he's guessing it means they won't be going to have dinner at Chuks and Ene's.
Bimpe asks if he now wants to waste her friends food.
He asks if she still wants them to go.

She says of course but it doesn't mean she has forgiven him.
He says okay.
She gets a message on her phone and tells him that they have to make a stop on their way.
Sankey asks Nero why he wants to visit Fabian in prison.

Nero says Fabian drove him into exile and made him abandon his daughter and maybe if he was around, his daughter would still be alive.
Sankey says she misses Angela too.
Nero tells her to take him then.
Sankey says she has her hands full with the Alexis case and when she makes a headway and he still wants to see Fabian then she would see what she can do.

Bimpe and Damini come to meet Cleo the talent agent at a restaurant.
Cleo tears into Bimpe for keeping her waiting.

Bimpe apologises and explains that it was the traffic.

Cleo asks why she should represent her.
Bimpe says because she is Bimpe Adekoya, Superstar actor and every agency is dying to work with her.
Cleo asks if she's having a laugh.
She asks if Bimpe is familiar with her work.
Bimpe says she doesn't know much and got her number from Telema.

Cleo says Telema was the most irresponsible client ever.
She asks why Bimpe made her waste her time.
She picks up her bag and saunters away.
Damini finds it all amusing.
Yaya receives a bouquet of flowers at the spa from Philip.

She calls to thank him.
He tells her he's headed to Amaka's place
She tells him she loves him.
Eki walks in and says newlyweds are still all lovey dovey.
Yaya says they've been married for some time.

Eki says for a man who still sends her flowers Yaya needs to reward him and she knows just the site where they sell kinky stuff.
Yaya is hesitant at first then decides to check out the site.
Dikibo is with la!de in the office.
She tells him she's making the arrangements for the trip.

She shows him the list of staff going.
He says he doesn't see her name.
She says she gave her spot to her PA because she really deserves it.

Dikibo says the PA can come but la!de too still has a spot.
la!de is excited.
IK is still with Serena at Brenda's Place.
Brenda enters the living room to see them huddled together on the couch.

She says she has to get to the office briefly.
Serena asks IK if he's leaving.
IK says he won't leave her side.
Brenda asks if he doesn't have work as a top executive.

IK say his schedule is clear and if he has to do any work, he would use his phone.
Serena thanks him.
He says anything she needs, he's there for.
Brenda rolls her eyes.
Bimpe and Damini are at Ene and Chuks'.
Damini meets Chuks for the first time

They dish out their meal and Ene asks Damini if Bimpe is taking good care of him
Damini asks Bimpe if she's taking good care of him.
She ignores him and tells Ene and Chuks that she met up with the head of an Agency and she wants them to help manage her acting career.

Chuks says he thought she said she wanted to be a producer.
Damini clears his throat.
Ene tells her that she should go for it if that's what she wants.
Bimpe thanks her for being supportive, unlike some people.

She asks Chuks if he would accept a gift from an ex.
Ene asks where he would even see the ex.
Yaya asks Eki where she found the website.
Eki says when one has needs, she will find a way

Yaya says maybe when she gets married, her needs would be met.
Eki says she thinks marriage stifles one's libido and she knows a lot of couples who don't really have a sex life anymore.
Yaya tells her a lot of couples have mind blowing sex many years after their wedding.
Eki says Yaya is giving her hope that marriage will be fun; in her head, marriage starts off with great intimacy then gets boring then becomes rare and at some point, one party gets a side chick or side dude.

Yaya tells her to stop buying into stereotypes but she the look on her face is pensive.
Vicky and Aisha are on set
Mimi comes in and Vicky blocks her.
Mimi asks why she's in her way.

Vicky says she's following orders.
Mimi asks whose orders.
Vicky says Brenda's and from now on, Invest Africana puts in requests for any side visits.
Mimi says the information is just reaching her so shouldn't count for today.

She tries to move past them but they stop her and Vicky tells her to take it up with Brenda.
Mimi comes to Brenda's office..
She says she's sick of Brenda and her staff disrespecting her.

Brenda tells her to get the hell out of her office.
She says so what if Invest Africana has a stake in her company, Mimi is just an employee and can't come around there with airs.

Mimi tries to speak but Brenda says from now on, Mimi has to liase with Vicky.
She tells her to get out.
Mimi leaves.

Philip comes to see Amaka at home.
He brings a gift for Tochi.
The nanny takes Tochi upstairs.
Philip asks Amaka why she's not in Dikibo house.
Amaka says they were drifting apart.
Philip asks what exactly happened.

Amaka says she doesn't know, they drifted a part and one day he just gave her divorce papers and he was probably influenced by la!de Cole.
Philip says to think he just saw her with Dikibo and thought nothing of it.
Amaka says la!de fooled her too.
Philip says he's so sorry.

Ene asks Damini if he enjoyed her meal
He says it's the best he has had in a while.
Ene tells Bimpe that they should clean up.
Bimpe asks if she's not a visitor.
Ene gives her a sign and Bimpe follows.
Chuks tells Damini that he hopes Damini knows Ene and Bimpe are going to gossip.
Damini say 'Oh!'

Chuks asks if that's all he has to say when they are going to gossip about him and the anniversary gift he collected.
Damini says 'Oh!' again.
Chuks advises him to return it or burn it or whatever but not to keep it.

Ene and Bimpe return with dessert.
Sankey calls Chief and threatens him.
Chief says he doesn't have Alexis.
She asks why he told Serena to come home if she wanted to see Alexis again.

He says he only said she hold drop the charges and when he regains his freedom, he would he join her to look for Alexis.
Philip returns home and lays on the couch on the couch.

Yaya comes in dressed as a sexy nurse.
She tells him his medicine is ready.
Philip follows her like a lost puppy as she heads to the bedroom.

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