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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2126 Recap - Aired: Friday 15 September 2017
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Bimpe is at work
The temp asks her how her meeting with the talent manager went.
Bimpe gives a long hiss and says she first complained that she was late, as if she doesn't know about Lagos traffic, then asked her what she knew about QATA.
The temp says she must be the Cleo of QATA, the hottest talent agent around.
Bimpe shouts 'Hey!'

She takes the temp's phone and dials Cleo.
She instructs the temp to tell her that she's an actress and wants to meet her.

Yaya is in her living room, brooding.
Philip comes to meet her.
She asks what he wants.
He says he's sorry and doesn't know what happened as he tried.
She says she doesn't know why no matter what she does, she can't turn him on.
She says it's over.
He says no, he loves her.
She says if he doesn't want her, he would want someone else.
He says it's not true.
She says it's a big problem.

She asks where they would go from there.
He says he doesn't know but he will fight for them.

Bimpe and the temp are in Ziggy’s.
Bimpe is hiding behind the bar.

Cleo walks in and sits at a table.
The temp greets her and says she would be back but she leaves the bar.

Bimpe comes to Cleo's table.
Cleo tells her she has a meeting.
Bimpe says she's the meeting.
Cleo stands up to leave.
Bimpe begs her to sit.
She tells her that she has done her research on her and found out she started as a PA then moved on to PM.
Cleo asks what Bimpe can do.
Bimpe says she can do anything.
Cleo says she would be out of town as she needs to finalise an actor's contract but she would have a task for Bimpe when she gets back.

Bimpe smiles.

IK brings Serena to her place.
The place is in complete disarray.
IK says they have to leave.
Serena says she is not going anywhere and Chief should either kill her or return Alexis.

Sheila is at home.
She asks Cosmo for his phone.
She calls one of her contractors who has been avoiding her calls.
They hear deafening music coming from Freddie's room.

Serena calls Chief and asks where Alexis is.
She tells him she would find him and kill him.
He tells her to call back when she's ready to be civil.
He hangs up and she holds her head.
IK assures her that they will find Alexis.

Damini walks up to Bimpe.
She asks what he's doing there.
He says he heard she was having a meeting with Cleo so he came and was watching her from a corner.

She sees the anniversary present on a table and gets upset.
He tells her to relax.

Bisola,, his ex-girlfriend, walks in and he tells her to sit with them.
He tells her that the gift doesn't do anything for them because they are over and he wouldn't want the past to stop her from moving towards her future.
Bimpe smirks.

Sheila enters Freddie's room and turns off the music.
He says he didn't realise it was that loud.
She tells him no more loud music.
He says his noise-cancelling headphones are bad.
She says she would get him new ones.

Brenda and Sankey come to Serena's place.
Brenda rushes to the couch to hold her.
Sankey says she would need Serena to file a report.
Serena asks what the use is when Chief still has her child.
IK says he would file the report.
Brenda tells Serena to come back to her place so that the police can do her work.

IK tells Sankey that Serena spoke to Chief and he was telling her to ask her questions nicely.

la!de enters Philip's office to give him a report.
He says he wonders how she stands and looks at herself in the mirror.
She looks confused.
He says she has a way of allowing people build up their nest then she swoops in to steal and destroy.
She asks what he's talking about.
He asks if Ife would be proud that her mother took advantage of her father's amnesia.
la!de says she loved Fred.
Philip says just like she loves Dikibo now.
la!de says Amaka has fed him with her own spin on things.
Philip says this has always been la!de's MO.
She tells him to go to hell and she walks out.

Brenda brings Serena back to her place.
Serena curls up on the couch.
Brenda leaves to go and make her some tea.

Serena receives a call from Zane.
She tells him that Alexis is gone and they took her.
He asks if she called the police.
She says of course.
He says something that makes her jump up and say it's impossible.

Brenda walks in and hears Serena telling Zane not to put her on hold.
She takes the phone from Serena and places the call on speaker.
They hear Alexis saying 'Hello Mummy'
They both gasp.

Bimpe and Shina enter Ziggy’s to meet Damini.
Bimpe gives Damini a kiss.
Shina tells them to get a room.

Damini asks Shina for the CV.
Shina says he would get it across to him.

Soji walks in.
Shina is very excited to see him.
Bimpe looks uncomfortable as she introduces Damini to him as her boyfriend.
Damini and Soji say hello.

Shina pulls Soji towards the bar asking him for a drink.

Damini tells Bimpe that Soji must be a very nice guy for Shina to be so happy to see him.
Bimpe looks even more uncomfortable.

Serena asks Alexis how she is.
Alexis says she's fine.
Serena asks if she's with her daddy.
Alexis says she is.
Serena asks where they are.
Alexis says her daddy told her not to say.
Serena gets upset and Brenda takes the phone from her.

She asks Alexis to give the phone to Zane.
Brenda tries to talk to Zane but he says something that makes her call him a bastard.

Philip comes to see Amaka at her place.
He says he spoke to la!de.
Amaka says she can explain.
Philip says la!de is worse than scum.
Amaka is shocked and relieved Philip hasn't heard the truth yet.
Philip says to think they accepted la!de back into the fold and treated her like family.
Amaka says they couldn't have known.
Philip says he is going to stand by Amaka's side and wouldn't allow la!de ruin her marriage.
Amaka thanks him.
He says even if she wasn't his sister, he wouldn't stand by and let la!de sink her claws into another unsuspecting man.
Amaka asks if he thinks she's after Dikibo for his money.
Philip says it's exactly what she wants and to have ownership of Reel since Dikibo is a majority shareholder but He says they won't let her win.
Amaka says she hopes not.
Philip says she tried it with their dad once and it failed and they would make sure it fails again; the only way she would ever succeed is over his dead body.

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