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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2145 Recap - Aired: Thursday 12 October 2017
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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2145 Recap - Aired: Thursday 12 October 2017

Shina and Soji are at Ziggy's.
Shina accuses Soji of chasing him out of the studio because of a babe.

Soji says he already agreed to buy him breakfast.
Cleo walks in and Shina says he would be leaving.
Soji moves to Cleo's table and asks what she's doing there.
She tells him she has a meeting with a client.
He sits and she asks him who said he could sit.

He says he was wondering how the manager and client thing worked.
Joanne and Sheila's lawyer have come to see her.
Joanne tells him he needs to do what he can to get Sheila out as she can't spend another night there.

He leaves the room.
Sheila and Joanne stare at one another.
Sheila tells Joanne to say what she has to say.
Joanne asks her how she got herself into the mess when she knows the rules. Sheila says it's too late.

Joanne says Sheila should have told her she was going to see him.
Sheila says she enjoyed the boy's company and didn't tell Joanne so she wouldn't talk her out of going to see him and she just wanted to see him without looking like she was committing some crime.

Joanne says the police now think Sheila committed a crime.
Sheila asks if she came to blame her.
Joanne says she came to see that Sheila gets out and also to talk some sense into her.
Sheila says she needs her to talk to Yaya.
Cleo asks Soji why he thinks she wants to manage him.

He says he knows he has to keep his eyes on his goals and she's smart and focused that's why he needs her.

Frank comes to the table and almost spills the tea he's carrying on Cleo.
She calls him daft and has no control over his
basic motor skills.

Frank says he's sorry.
She calls him blind and foolish.
Soji tells her it was an honest mistake.
Frank leaves.
Soji tells Cleo that one more reason he wants to work together is that he thinks he can calm her fire.

She laughs and says she will think about it but she has to see how well he can perform.
Soji says his performance has never been questioned and he's also been known to put in hard work when and where it is required.
Nosa's mother asks Brenda for Serena.

Brenda says she's in the hospital with IK and it's because IK was beaten up by Serena's ex-husband's thugs.
Mama suggests Brenda and Kwame move into her place.

Brenda says security has been beefed up but she wants Mama to stay away for a while so she doesn't get hurt on her account.
Mama says she thought Brenda just said the house was safe.

Brenda says she's just being careful.
The doctor examines IK and tells him he's good to leave by the end of the day.
When she leaves, IK thanks Serena for being there for him.
Serena thanks him for sticking by her even when she was pushing him away.

IK says he knew she was going to give in eventually.
She says he scared her and she never wants to see him in that state again.
IK says next time he will run faster.
Serena says Chief went too far when he put his hands on her man.

He smiles and she asks why.
He says she just called him her man.
Philip comes home with a bag of goodies for Yaya.
She ignores him.
He says he's sorry.

She doesn't respond.
He says he wants to answer her question.
She pulls away from him.
He says he may have the desires but she's the only one he wants to have such intimacy with.
She asks if he preferred Tessa to her.
He says no.

He asks if she preferred Richard to him
She says of course not.
He says he will never cheat on her again and he knows she won't do so either.
She says she would never cheat on him. He says if she wants, he will stop seeing the therapist.

She says it's not about the therapist.
He asks if she believes he would never cheat on her again.
She says she does.
Bimpe and Cleo are at Ziggy's.
Cleo orders orange juice and Bimpe says she would have the same.

Cleo tells Bimpe she's surprised she's ordering orange juice too.
Bimpe says she's enjoying the fit fab life.
Cleo tells her about Vicky's concerns.
Bimpe says she can juggle both her job and a role and her boss is very understanding.

Cleo says the life of an actress is not easy and Bimpe would have to make difficult choices along the way.
Bimpe says she won't disappoint her.
Cleo says she usually has a sign on soiree for new talents so she would need Bimpe's guest list.

At the spa, Eki is with Yaya.
She tells Yaya about a male client who wanted to sleep with one of their masseuses, with his wife in the house and he said his wife was okay with it.
Yaya asks how that is possible.

Eki says some married couples have swinger parties with other couples.
Yaya says she knows it happens in the UK but not in Nigeria.
Eki says it happens in the city now and its what some women are doing just to please their men and remain married.

Vicky and Kiki are having a meeting.
Vicky's phone rings and Mimi gives her the permission to answer.
The call is from Charles.

Vicky is very formal with him.
After the call Mimi tells her she doesn't have to always walk on eggshells around her.
Vicky asks what she means.
Mimi says she thinks it's high time they had the conversation about Charles, she knows Charles is with Vicky now and she's fine with it.

Vicky says she has a feeling Mimi is not down with it.
Mimi says their relationship is dead and she wants to be able to work with Vicky without any awkwardness.
Vicky thanks her for her openness.
Mimi says she's glad to move past it.
Dikibo enters the reception at Reel and Amaka follows carrying his folders.

Dikibo tells Amaka that this is the second day in a row that she's seeing him off to the car.
Amaka says they didn't get the chance to talk much yesterday.
She smiles and says Tochi is becoming a little rascal.

'Tochi our sweet little..... my sweet little boy.'
Dikibo asks what her end game is and why she's walking him to the car and talking about Tochi.
She gives him his files and says she knows how much he likes Tochi but he now considers it an end game.

He apologises and says he's just being careful as he realises he's not a great judge of character.
She asks what that means.
la!de walks in.
Amaka gives Dikibo a peck on the cheek and tells la!de she was just seeing her husband off.
la!de ignores her and says hello to Dikibo then she walks into her office.

Damini and Bimpe are having lunch.
He starts talking about work and Bimpe says she is not convinced that the production house will do justice to the pilot so she thinks Skyscraper should produce it.
Damini says it's a big project.
Bimpe says eventually their clients will start going to the content creator instead of coming to them.

Damini looks like he's considering it.
IK is asleep.
Serena calls Brenda to tell her that IK is being discharged.
Brenda says it's good news and even if she and IK have their differences, nobody deserves what he went through.

Serena says which it why she has decided to put an end to it.
Brenda tells her not to do anything drastic.
Serena says she has made up her mind.
She ends the call and calls Chief.
She tells him she's ready.

He says he knew she would come to her senses.
She asks where they can meet.
He tells her she knows what will happen if she brings the police.
OT is in Freddie's room.
He suggests they hack foreign accounts.
Freddie says he doesn't want to do anything drastic because he is coming back to run Reel Studios one day.

OT asks why.
Freddie says it's a family business and he owns shares in it
OT suggests he sells his shares.
Freddie says Philip is in charge of them till he turns 21 and Philip won't allow him to sell except he finds a way to do it without his knowledge.

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