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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2165 Recap - Aired: Thursday 09 November 2017
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'Tinsel' Season 10 Episode 2165 Recap - Aired: Thursday 09 November 2017

Ene comes to see Bimpe at home.
Bimpe is moody.
Ene asks if she's still upset.
She gives her a bowl of soup.

Bimpe calls it the remnant of Ene's betrayal.
Ene says it was just business between her and Pippa.
Bimpe says with a woman who wants to snatch her man.

She shows Ene copies of the messages she got from Damini's phone that were sent by Pippa.
Ene says Bimpe has become very paranoid and it's better she talks to Damini.

Bimpe says he might lie to her so she would just rely on her instincts.
The therapist asks Monica if she has been sleeping well.

Monica says she sleeps when her friends let her.
The therapist asks about the friends.
Monica says they come at night and talk about their lives.
The therapist asks who comes in particular.
Monica says the fishermen come and they are very bad people.

She starts crying and the therapist holds her.
Cleo is at Ziggy's.
A man approaches her and tries some terrible pickup lines.
He places his hand on her shoulder and she gets upset.

She brings out her taser from her purse and warns him off.
He retreats.
She gets a call from Soji and asks how his pilot is going.

She complains that they can't have privacy at his
house because he has a roommate.
Sheila sees Freddie in the living room and he tries to hide his phone.
She asks what he's hiding.

He says she's trending on twitter because Stephen's mother says Sheila killed her son and she's trying to shut her up.

Sheila says she didn't kill him.
Freddie says the woman has a letter from Sheila's lawyer threatening to sue her if she doesn't shut up

Sheila says it's for slander.
Freddie says the public now believe Sheila is trying to hide something.
Sheila calls her lawyer who says he just heard the news.
She tells him to do something.
Charles is in the office.

He has a brief meeting with Nnenna and she leaves.
Charles then calls Nero to say they've not seen him for a while.
Nero says he's been working on a project and they will talk about it later.
Bimpe is at work.

Pippa comes to see her to give her suggestions on the cake to make.
Bimpe says her man must be lucky.
Pippa says she doesn't have a man.
Bimpe mentions Damini.
Pippa says Damini was the one who got away.
Bimpe laughs and calls the temp to come in.
She acts like she's giving her a cupcake but let's it drop in Pippa's lap, staining her dress.
Nero comes to see Sheila at her house.
She asks what's he's been up to.

He says he's working on a project that involves helping young men.
She asks how many he has worked with.
He says just one but he's proving to be very difficult and he told the guy to trust him
Sheila tells him to trust the guy.

Ego comes to see Amaka in the office.
They catch up and Ego invites her to drinks later.
Amaka says she has to go to her husband as she has moved back in.
Ego is happy for her.

Brenda comes to see Sankey at the station.
She says she wants to apologise for the things she said the last time.
Sankey says she's doing all she can to make sure Brenda and Serena are safe again.
Brenda asks what they are doing about the hotel.

Sankey is confused.
Brenda says Serena was supposed to inform her.
Sankey says she hasn't seen Serena.
Brenda says it means Serena is trying to face Chief by herself.

Dr. Darego comes to see Sheila at home
Sheila says she has some nerve coming to her house and reminds her that she has a court order to stop the slandering.

Dr. Darego says Sheila hasn't seen the last of her.
Serena comes to see Chief at the hotel.
Chief is very excited when the receptionist calls to inform him.

Shina is in the studio.
He gets a call from Soji.
Soji says he thinks Shina should get a new place because he and his girl need more space.
Shina begs Soji not to throw him out.
Soji says Shina needs to grow up.

Shina says Soji is throwing him out because of a woman.
He begs for time to talk to some agents.
Dikibo meets la!de in the office.
He says he misses sharing his problems with her.
She asks what the problem is.

Dikibo says Amaka moved back in and has even started using Tochi to blackmail him.
la!de says Amaka might have realised her mistake.

Dikibo says he wants her out of his house
la!de says what if Amaka isn't pretending, besides this was what he always wanted.
Dikibo has no response.

Chief welcomes Serena in.
Serena tells him to stop harassing the people in her life
Chief says he wants her to come back to him.
He makes a call to one of his men to ask if the police are anywhere around.
When he's satisfied that Serena wasn't followed he hangs up.

He tells Serena thatif shecomes back to him, all the issues will stop.
She makes him promise.
He pulls out his belt and tells her to get on the bed so she can be punished for making him miss her for so long.

She stands up and is about to go to the bed but she turns around and grabs a cup of hot coffee.
She throws it in his face.
He doubles over and falls on the floor, holding his eyes and threatening to kill her.

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