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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 21
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Immediately he entered the bathroom, I sneaked and opened the door for Zipper and his guys to come in. “babe are you still there? Mr Scott Brown asked from the bathroom. “of course I am here, and am really missing you right now, please come out fast and quench this burning desire, I yelled seductively. “oh babe, I’d be with you shortly, he replied excitedly, I poke nosed. Zipper stood up on the bed, with his gun pointed at the bathroom door. His guys split themselves in the room, all waiting for the lecturer to come out. Soon, he came out with towel around his waist, immediately he sighted the guys, he wanted to run back inside but it was too late for him. One of the guys named Viper quickly rooted his foot from the floor, the act sent him crashing down with his face badly hitting the floor, he instantly got black face. He started shivering and begging. “please don’t kill me, just take whatever you want, but please don’t kill me,, he kept repeating before Zipper gave him a hot kick on his head, he winced in pain, gasping profusely. “you son of a b---h, so you are the useless lecturer, who’s been taking advantage of innocent ladies right? Well, you met the wrong one this time, Zipper yelled and spat at him. “am sorry, am sorry, I never knew she is your girlfriend, please I will not try it next time, he pleaded shakily, Zipper chuckled. “sorry man, there would be no next time, cos this world is not for people like you, Zipper yelled. “aaaahhh, please don’t kill me, please, the lecturer begged.”Viper, I’ve got no time to waist, just waist the idiot let’s get out of here, Zipper yelled, I became so scared immediately, I never wanted him dead, I looked at the lecturer already urinating on his body, he was still shivering and begging, I moved closer to Zipper, he hushed me and assured they only want to scare him, I heaved but still the tension in the room was unbearable for the lecturer.[b] “say your last prayer, you b-----d, Viper yelled, cracking his gun as if he was gonna shoot. I myself was scared cos they looked so serious. ” please oooo, please, pity my wife and children, please spare my life, the lecturer said, making the guys chuckle. ” so you have wife and children, and you are going to spoil someone else’s wife and child, in fact, your family must hear this, Chito threatened. [b]” aaaahhh please, don’t tell my family, am ready to pay 2 million, please don’t expose me please, he pleaded, the guys exchanged looks.

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