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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 23
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“why the sudden haste? Or is there something I did wrong that you don’t like?
Zipper asked, innocently. “everything you did was wrong, I never asked you to extort money from the lecturer but you did, am complaining of your act of stealing but you aren’t trying to change at all, am done living with a criminal like you, please take me out of here, I yelled. His eyes became so red immediately as if he was going to cry but I don’t care anymore. “it’s ok, I’ll take you back now, get dressed, I’d be waiting for you in the car, Zipper said softly, and got up to leave the room. My conscience started troubling me, I knew he was really hurt but come to think of it, he deserves to know the truth, am not pleased living with a thief anymore and I think I have to fight the feelings am having for him cos he’s not worth it. I parked my clothes into my little kit and stormed out to join him in the car. He wasn’t looking sad, neither was he Happy. I opened the door and join him in front, he drove silently without saying a word to me. “am sorry about how I spoke to you earlier, but don’t you think you should stop all these you are doing? You have enough money to start up a business of your own, please stop stealing, it’s people’s sweat you are taking forcefully, they aren’t happy about it and you know it, I kept saying but he didn’t even say a word to me, so I gave up talking, and decided to keep my thoughts to myself. He drove straight to female hostel and parked in front of our room. My friends weren’t around, the door was locked. “thanks Zipper, please can I use your phone? I don’t have airtime in my phone, I pleaded, staring at him. He handed me his phone without looking at me. I dialed Cheryl’s number, and she picked up immediately. “who’s this? She asked. “your missing friend, I replied. She recognized my voice immediately. “Noge, what’s up girl, this one you remember me today, is this your boyfriend’s number? She asked, giggling. “you’re so naughty, am in front of our room jor, come and open the door, I said, before she could reply, I ended the call and gave Zipper his phone. I saw Cheryl and Cole running towards us, so I quickly got down from the car and we hugged in three. They were so happy to see me, but Cheryl was kinda acting funny cos I didn’t spend up to a week as planned. As we were busy with each other, Zipper got down to say hi to them. After exchanging pleasantries, he decided to leave. “do take care of yourself.

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