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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 25
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“better find a way to go see him and sort things out, pretending not to care is the worst lie you can ever tell to yourself,
Cheryl muttered. All these while, Cole was just silent listening to our conversation, without contributing anything to it, I turned my gaze at her and gave her a pinch. “ouch, that hurts you know, she whined. “that shows you are still alive, now tell me, what’s your own point of view? I asked, watching her closely. “you want my point of view right?(I nodded) good, I don’t believe anyone could change bcos of someone, if he’s a thief, he will always be cos they get so addicted to it that they find it hard to change, don’t stress yourself thinking you can change him cos he won’t change, if you love him, just flow well with him, enjoy the pleasure while it last, cos I know you love him Already, Cole said. I kinda saw some sense in what she said, and as it is, I know Zipper can’t stop stealing, he’s addicted to it already. “thanks to you both, I will try my best and see how it goes, I stuttered, hugging them one after the other.

It’s been two weeks since Zipper dropped me off at the campus and I’ve not bothered to go see him as my friends had said. I have been trying to stop the feelings but it’s not working, I find myself missing him every now and then. So I decided to pay him a visit one afternoon. The gatekeeper let me in without hesitation, we exchanged pleasantries before I head straight to the house. I pressed the door bell once, I got no response. When I was about pressing it again, the door opened slightly, bringing me face to face with my prince charming, with bare chest and a short knicker a little bit below his knees. I was just checking him out from head to toe, focusing mainly on his chest. I felt like running into his arms for a hug before his voice brought me back. “you came, he simply said, with a smile. I blinked and ran into the arms I’ve been drooling at. He held me so tight to himself. “I’ve missed you, I whispered, before I could say another word, I felt my legs raised from the floor. Zipper carried me straight into his bedroom and placed me on his bed. He knelt beside the bed,there was an awkward silence, our eyes fixed on each other, with no one willing to break the stares. “you are beautiful, he simply said, making me blush. “I don’t want to do this, I found myself trying to deny this feelings but I just realized I can’t live a second without you, the four days you spent with me.

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