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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 27
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We both climaxed at the same time, he collapsed beside me and pulled me into his arms, with my head resting on his shoulder. “I love you bae, he stuttered before giving me a peck on my forehead. “I love you too Zipper, please permit me to call you Ruben, I muttered, looking into his eyes, he smiled and kissed my lips. “only in bedroom sweetie, he said, I pinched his nose. ” so you don’t want me to call you that outside? I asked, still gazing at him. “let’s just say, the name makes me soft and I don’t like it, he replied, avoiding my gaze. “so why don’t you want to be soft? I asked, touching his beard. “come on bae, I don’t need that you know, life has knocked me out so many times, the only way to make it easily in life is just by the hard way, he said painfully. I could see the pains In his eyes and I know he’s battling with something. I placed my hand on his chest, playing with the hairs there, I pecked his little n----e, making him shiver. “can you share with me, how life knocked you down? I muttered, still playing with his chest, he closed his eyes so tight, trying to stop a tear from dropping but it still drip a little. “they are bad memories, I don’t wish to remember them, he said softly. “but the more you don’t say it, the heavier your chest would be, and it can make you sick, you know? I muttered, trying to lure him to talk but he’s kinda weird cos he isn’t willing to say anything. “forget it girl, it’s past tense already, let’s just say, all the bad memories were wiped out the very day I rescued you from our attack, he stuttered. ” are you serious? (he nodded) then you shouldn’t be doing what you used to do before now, I said, trying not to get to his bad side, he smiled and looked into my eyes. “am working on that bae, just give me a little time, I’d quit, he assured me. A smile crept to my lips cos I really can’t wait for him to quit stealing. ” you will quit for my sake? I asked carefully. “yes love, that’s the only way I can prove my love to you, he replied. “What about your friends, I know they won’t take it lightly, I reminded him. ” sure it’s gonna be hard but I must quit, I will start avoiding them now, he said. “awwn, I really can’t wait for the day you will finally quit, I pray it goes well, I said happily. “enough of that, come here, he pulled me closer and started kissing me.

One month later, Zipper had already started avoiding his friends, he was making plans for both of us to fly out of the country.

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