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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“Zipper, I called out, making him stop on his track, he turned towards me,
I swallowed cos his eyes were kinda piercing through my soul. “please, can I go with you? Cos I don’t think I can stay here anymore, I muttered, forgetting what I actually wanted saying.”sure, I advised you stay with me for a week but you are just too stubborn to accept the advice, he said sadly. “I are lucky today, you might not be lucky next time, shall we go now? He asked, stretching out his hand. I hastily placed my Palm in it, he held on to me, his hand was so soft, making me wish for his touch. “please we are coming with you, Cheryl quickly said but Cole kicked against it. “don’t bother, we’ll stay back and get things fixed up here, Cole stuttered, making Cheryl to glare at her.” you girls are safe, ok, they actually came for her, not you, that’s y I don’t want her far from my reach for now, I’ll make sure she gain back her freedom after this week ok, please permit me to go with her, Zipper pleaded, they smiled and gave him the go ahead, Cheryl winked at me before waving us goodnight.

We drove in silence, many thoughts were on my mind, I really don’t know why he’s bent on protecting me. But like seriously, am kinda liking him shaaaa or is it love? Hell no, I can’t love someone like him cos I will only end up being hurt. I think am only Attracted to him cos of the little time I’ve spent with him. I pray he isn’t planning on taking something from me, cos, devil no de give free gift ooo, lol. “why are you smiling? I heard him say, that was when I realized my thoughts was manifesting on my face. “I wasn’t smiling, was I? I asked, trying hard not to laugh. He looked at me and shook his head. “it’s obvious you were, so can you share with me your thoughts, so I too could smile, he said. “well, my thought is non of your business, I replied, nonchalantly. “too harsh miss, he stuttered, making a funny face, I felt like laughing but I hid it. “stop calling me miss, I do have a name, I murmured, trying to change the topic, he giggled, making me glare at him, I felt like giving him a dirty slap but hey, he’s so cute when giggling. “sorry about that,, but you never told me your name, he said, oh my gosh, that instant, I knew I didn’t tell him my name, he was the one who told me his.”you never cared to ask,, I said. He looked at me and just smile. “can I know your name please? He said, dramatically, I chuckled and hit his shoulder slightly. “no you can’t

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