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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 12
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“no you can’t, I teased, he gave me a puppy face making me giggled. “Alright, am Noge, I said, plainly. “Noge? What tribe is that? He asked. “igala, I replied. “oh, you are from kogi state, I think I’ve been there twice or so, in fact, I think I’ve visited almost all the states in Nigeria, he stuttered, his eyes still on the road while driving. I gazed at him strangely, how can he visit almost all the states in Nigeria? I kept thinking in my mind. Well, he’s a criminal, what do I expect before, mtcheeeewwww. I suddenly stopped talking, I was having a strange feeling of anger in me. He noticed my mood and decided not to say anything till we got to his house. It was already late mid night, he got down and opened my door for me to get down, but he never paved the way, his hands were on the door and the top of the car, respectively, I never knew what his intention was. I carelessly got down only for my boobs to touch his chest, making me freeze at the spot. I frowned and looked up at him. “why the sudden change of mood, did I say anything bad? He asked innocently. “erm, can you atleast excuse me to come out fully before any interrogation? I asked, formally, he shrugged his shoulders. “not until you tell me what’s eating you up, he persisted. I got furious about it and was ready to pour out my mind. ” you want to know what’s eating me up right? Fine, I’ll tell you, what have you been doing in all the states you have visited? Stealing right? I asked nonchalantly, gazing straight up at him. He raised his brows, I could see him battling with words, the pain in his eyes was so visible but I cared less. “I see you’ve got no response, so out of my way, I pushed him aside and walked away. He stood by the door still thinking about what I said but I don’t give a d--n, I went straight into the house, I entered my room, had my bath and went straight to bed. My conscience was kinda troubling me, I pondered on what I had told him, I know he would be angry but he deserve it. No reason is enough to get someone into robbery, those who do that only felt like doing it and I doubt if they ever have conscience. I dozed off after many thoughts.

I woke up late the following morning, Zipper didn’t bring me breakfast in bed like he had done the previous day, and I kinda missed it. Maybe he’s still angry, d--n him jor, I will go prepare breakfast myself. I checked the time. “oh my gosh, am already late for lectures, I forgot about breakfast.

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