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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 13
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I ran into the bathroom and quickly had my bath. I dressed up hastily and stormed out of my room only to bump into Zipper, he had a nylon in his hand, seems like he got take away from an eatery, that moment I realized how hungry I am. “good morning Noge, he greeted with a smile, making me feel awkward, I thought he was angry, but here he is, smiling as if nothing happened, I was lost in my thoughts that I never bothered to reply him. ” sorry, I woke up late, that’s y I couldn’t prepare breakfast, so I actually went to a nearby eatery to get you this, so you won’t be late for lecture, he explained but I was dumbfounded cos he amazed me, how could someone I insulted last night, take the stress to still get me what to eat, I just stared at him without making any move to collect it from him. “please take it, you can eat it after lectures, he said again, stretching the nylon to me. “thanks, I stuttered after collecting it. “can I drop you off now? I’d be heading for a meeting later, he said. I wanted to decline but hell no, I’ve got no money for cab so, I gats obey and go with him, my shakara no reach that side at all. I nodded in affirmation and he paved way for me to pass, while he followed suit. The drive to school was a silent one, he drove into the school compound and dropped me in front of my department. The lecture was already going on, I just jumped down hastily and wanted hurrying in before Zipper called me back. I walked halfway and he came closer, giving me some money. “please I don’t know how long I will spend at the meeting I want to attend but in case you don’t see me on time, get a cab, I’ll join you at home, he explained. I nodded and accepted the money. “thanks, I stuttered. He just smiled and went back to the car. I head straight to the hall and sneaked in, thanks goodness, the lecturer didn’t notice me, or so I thought. As I was about sitting down, then I got the shock of my life. “miss Noge, can you come forward and explain to us, why you are thirty minutes late to my class? I heard Mr Scott Brown stuttered, without even looking at me. This man is behaving like a devil, I never knew he saw me, I hissed and sat still. “will you come here fast or leave my class, he barked. I jerked immediately and started walking towards him. “am sorry sir, actually… I.. I mean, something came up, that was y I came late, I stuttered, feeling awkward cos it seems the whole class were looking at me. [b]“see me in my office, he said

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