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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 14
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I went back to sit beside Cheryl and Cole, I knew no one goes to Mr Scott Brown’s office and comes back the same but, he’s not going to succeed with me, I hissed. I wasn’t even concentrating on his lectures any more. “babe, you are in a hot soup, Cole said immediately the lecturer stormed out. “like seriously, I don’t think I deserve any of his rubbish, today is my first time of violating his law, it hasn’t gotten to that now, I murmured, and hissed. “that’s your own, he has his principles and we all try to keep it, so prepare for yours, Cole added, making me feel sad. “abeg, forget Mr brown, what’s up with your boyfriend now? I saw him drop you off, Cheryl said, making my eyes popped. “don’t be ridiculous, he’s not my boyfriend and can never be, I blabbed. “shut up jor, that’s how it will start, Cole added, eying me, I giggled. “like seriously, that guy like you ooo, I can see it in his eyes, Cheryl muttered. “for get it, he’s not my kind of guy, he’s into robbery, I whispered. “and so what? What matters is what the heart feels, and I know you have some feelings for him, stop pretending, Cheryl muttered. “Cheryl better stop it, I don’t have any feelings for him, and that’s final, I replied, giving her a warning look, she chuckled. “the guy get money shaaaa, just chop your share before the one week end, Cole advised. “I don’t do that, and you know it, let’s forget about him and discuss something better, I said, trying to change the topic.

“Sharks please, you need to understand me, the girl is harmless, she doesn’t deserve what Fixo did to her and he’s still planning more,
Zipper stuttered at the meeting with his gangs. “you violated our law, Zipper, you have no right to call the police for Fixo, and the girl was the cause, so she’s gonna pay for it, Sharks barked. “please Sharks, I can’t let you harm her, please let her be, am sorry for involving the police and it was the main reason I ordered for his release that very day, please don’t harm, I beg you please, Zipper pleaded. “well, if Fixo is willing to forgive you, then, it’s settled, Sharks concluded. Zipper turned to Fixo who have been quiet all the while. “Fixo please, don’t do that to her, please, Zipper pleaded again and again. “hope she’s not going to come between us? Cos I know, no girl will like to date a thief Fixo stressed out. “oboy, how e de do you now? Na by force say make you mention thief? Just say our kind of job, sharks cut in, making them chuckle. “anyhow

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