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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 19
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I started stretching, he turned and our eyes met. “sorry I had to carry you here cos you dosed off in the car, Zipper tried explaining but I wasn’t listening to what he was saying, I only watched his lips move. “Zipper, could you please spend the night here with me? I really can’t sleep alone tonight, I muttered, I could see a look of surprise on his face cos he hesitated before coming closer to sit beside me on the bed, looking into my eyes. I pulled him to the bed by force cos he was seeking for permission. He took off his shoe and la!d beside me, I moved closer and curled into his arms, he rapped his arms around me and was just staring at me. I shot my eyes so tight cos it seems his eyes were piercing through my soul. “kiss me, I whispered, he didn’t waste time in taking that opportunity. We locked our lips together, kissing passionately like lovers, well I don’t know if we are in love shaaaa, I was only being directed by my emotions. His hands started roaming around my body, the romance became so hot that I got carried away, m0an!ng under his touch. “make love to me please, I whispered in between the m0ans. He instantly stopped and moved away from me. “I know you aren’t yourself, you need to get some sleep now, good night, Zipper said, getting up from the bed. Gosh, why now, I became silent and watched him leave the room just like that without completing what he started. I kept turning and rolling in bed until sleep finally came and I dosed off.

The next morning, I woke up very weak, I remembered the event of last night, I smiled but later frowned when I remembered how he left me, I hissed and rested back on the bed. My door crept open, here comes my prince charming with a smile and a tray, breakfast I guess. He’s such a romantic guy, I smiled inwardly. “good morning my angel, Zipper said, dropping the tray beside me on the bed, I raised my brows cos he’s never called me his angel before, I just smiled and watched him peck my lips, I felt like pulling him for a deep kiss but I kicked against it. “do you have a girlfriend? I asked, ignoring the greeting. He frowned but later chuckled. “we don’t do girlfriends, he replied, making me gasp. “why? Is it some kind of tradition or what? I asked, making him chuckle. “you know what we do, having a girlfriend will only cos distractions, he simply said but I wasn’t comfortable with that cos I was wishing he could have feelings for me but here he is, saying girls are distractions.

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