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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 2
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He managed to hide inside the bush, cos his gang left him. The police men opened fire, they started chasing the robbers vehicle, the robbers kept exchanging bullets with the police, they continued that way until the police got tired and went back to the passengers who were robbed. Zipper escaped with me on his shoulder. He took me to his house, I really don’t know how we got there cos I kept blacking out at intervals. I woke up to the rays of the morning sun, flashing my eyes through the window. I stretched lazily on the bed, then suddenly a knock came on the door. I started wondering, why is he knocking in his own house. The knock came again, jolting me from my thoughts. “please come in, I managed to say. Zipper came in with a tray on his hand, it actually smells good. My eyes widened as I gazed at him without saying a word. “good morning miss, he stuttered, making me to remember I was supposed to greet him first. “good morning sir, I replied. He got startled at the sir, he paused for a while, before shoving the look of surprise from his face. “am Reuben, but I prefer being called Zipper, he stuttered. What da hell, I wanted to say but I kicked against it instead. “why Zipper? I asked, making him smirk. “never mind, just call me Zipper, don’t add sir, he said before keeping the tray beside me. He prepared fried plantain and egg sauce. “please, manage this for breakfast, I’d get you something better, later on, he said with a smile,, oh my gosh, did I mention his cute? Yeah his d--n cute with pretty smile, I wonder what he was doing with those thieves.”that’s, this is much more than a breakfast, I replied before eating my meal. I could see him stealing some glances at me but he isn’t saying a word. “uhm, Reuben.. I tried to say but he corrected me. ” Zipper you mean? He said, making my lips hang open, I swallowed the lump in my throat before nodding at him, he smirked and brought out something from his pocket, it looks like cigarette but it’s not, seems it’s Marijuana. “gosh, you smoke too? I asked, he looked at me like someone who’s gone naught, he ignored my question and started puffing out the smoke. “sorry, but it smells terrible, I murmured, covering my nose. ” watch your mouth young lady, I don’t take such for a joke, he half yelled, his eyes turned red immediately. Jeez, you need to see how fear grip me, I stopped eating and watched him smoke, making me cough each time I inhale the smoke. ” I want to go home, I said soft

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