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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I became silent all of a sudden, I watched how he set up the breakfast for me. He actually prepared yam and tomato sauce, dished with egg, and coffee beside it. He handed me the coffee, while I took a bite out of the yam, he stared as I ate. “why the sudden change of mood, angel? He asked, taking out a strand of hair from my face.

I looked at him, I just wish I could change the feeling am having towards him and I can’t really tell him, so I decided to change the topic. “my lecturer wants me to meet him in a hotel just because I was late for lecture, yesterday, I whined, pouting, his facial expressions depicted anger immediately I said that. “how dare he? Is he insane or what? Why must he meet you at a hotel, Zipper muttered angrily.

I wanted to laugh cos I love the way he’s reacting to it but I can’t laugh ooo, I need to know if he feels same as I felt for him, so I started faking baby face cry. “he even threatened to fail me in his course, if I don’t turn up, I added, he flared up angrily. “am going to teach him a lesson he will never forget, just notify me when leaving ok, he said, I nodded.

After lectures, I told Zipper the name of the hotel I’ll be heading, I also gave him the exact time which is 4pm. When I got to Zina’s hotel, I noticed Zipper and his guys were already in the hotel, they split themselves as if they weren’t together.

They were on different tables, with girls hovering round them. I walked straight to Mr Scott Brown’s table, we did a little chit chat before he asked me to follow him to the room he paid for. Zipper winked at me when I got up to follow Mr Scott Brown. The guys started pacing up and down, girls kept throwing themselves at them, dancing to meaningless beats. I ignored them cos I know the task ahead is a tough one. Mr Scott took the lead while I followed suit. As soon as we got to the room, he bolted the door and went to sit on the bed, he gestured me to sit beside him, I obeyed and sat down, he was just leaking his lips as if he’s a snake. “you know what to do right? Mr Scott Brown asked, I eyed him before faking a smile. “of course lecturer, but first, you need to have your bath,, let me show you what am made of, I blabbed, smiling sheepishly. He giggled, shining his rotten brown teeth. “oh, I really can’t wait baby, let me shower fast, he quickly got up and started offing his clothes. I pock nosed and looked him over, in my mind, I was like, see this old fool, mtcheeewww.

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