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Added: Sep 07, 2018
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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Zipper paused the moment he heard me talking about home. He took another drag of the Marijuana and puffed the smoke into my face. “sorry miss, you can’t go for now, he stuttered. “What da hell am I doing here with a thie…. I wanted to say thief but I quickly cut myself off. “you want to know what you are doing with a thief right? Very well then, I’ll tell you, the same thief saved your life last night, the same thief took the risk of inviting a doctor here to get you treated cos you lost a lot of blood, the same thief donated his blood for you, now you are awake, you never cared to know about all that happened when you passed out, it’s the same thief you want to expose so the police out there could get him arrested, well I said no to that, you are going no where, we gonna stay here together until everything is cool, Zipper yelled. “oh my, I never meant to call you that, please forgive me, like seriously, I need to get back to school please, I pleaded but he ignored me and left the room. S--t, he looks so pissed. I don’t even know what he was talking about, I can’t remember being treated by any doctor, maybe he’s lying self. I hissed and rested my back on the wall, then my eyes caught a little drip of blood in between my elbow. D--n, he was right, that’s the sign of a needle, well maybe I over slept that’s y. But how can he care about someone they robbed? And he doesn’t want me to leave here, mtcheeeww, that’s not gonna work cos I must go to school, i kept thinking different things. Then I heard noises,it’s from the sitting room I guess. I got up and decided to eaves drop on the noise makers. I walked halfway to the sitting room and paused at the entrance. “Sharks will get you roasted if he hears that, one of the robbers said, his name is Sparrow. “chill Sparrow, you heartlessly knocked her out, we agreed on no blood shed,, what if she died there? Zipper yelled. “D--n you Zipper, since when have you started caring about people? Sparrow

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