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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Sparrow yelled back at him. “enough of this madness dudes, let’s think of how to get rid of her before she ruins us completely, Fixo yelled making my heart jump, I almost got my self messed up with urine but I held it tight, I was sweating profusely, crying in my mind that so this is how my life will just end, I don’t even know where I am right now cos I’ve not been outside since I came . “listen guys, we aren’t getting rid of anybody, I won’t watch you end that innocent girl’s life ok, just forget it, let me handle things my own way, Zipper pleaded. “you are trying to violate our orders right? You know what the outcome is, just think twice before doing anything stupid, Fixo added, I swallowed hard, still thinking of how to escape. “please guys, can you keep this away from Sharks? I really don’t want her to get hurt please, Zipper pleaded, making the guys to exchange looks. “this is serious, Zipper of all people, this is really amazing, Sparrow teased, making the other guys chuckle. “just be careful, cos Sharks always have his way, make sure you don’t fall victim, Fixo stuttered. “I promise we won’t have problems if we can keep our mouth sealed, Zipper assured. “noted, Sparrow muttered, while the others nodded in agreement. He thank them and they started discussing random things, I ran back to the room, pacing around. I really need to leave here, the way they are talking about that Sharks, it seems he’s the devil among them. I kept pacing up and down that I didn’t know when he walked in and tapped my shoulder, I quickly jerked away from him, I was frightened, he raised his brows at my reaction but later understood and composed himself. “sorry about that, I came to ask what you would like to have as lunch? He said. He looks like an angel but D--n it he’s a thief, I don’t f-----g care about him anymore. “I don’t need anything from you, just take me out of here, I yelled at him, he was startled, he kept quiet for a while, before coming close

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