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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 5
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He kept quiet for a while before coming closer to me, I started shivering cos I thought he’s gonna hit me for yelling at him. He stopped in front of me and wiped a tear out of my eye, that was when I realized I was even crying, s--t, he’s so cute, I don’t really understand how I feel each time he’s close to me, and I really don’t like it. “I’ll let you go but please, can you do me this favor by letting the area cool first before you leave? It’s really not safe to let you go now, it’s not safe for me, please try to understand, Zipper pleaded, I felt weak instantly but hey, who cares about him anyway. “I can’t wait any longer, I need to go back to school, i stuttered, moving away from him. “OK, let’s make a deal, I will be taking you to school from here and I will be the one to pick you up from school, and you will have to be living with me, for a week, Zipper said, my eyes widened. D--n it, I can’t spend one more day in this house with a thief like him, gosh, what do I do now. I bit my lips, thinking of what to do. “ok, deal, can we go now? I asked, looking straight up at him.”you have to eat first, so let me make something for you, he said, heading out. “can you cook? I asked, making him stop on his track. “wait until you taste this one, he said, I smirked. “I will help you then, to avoid mistake, I stuttered. “no, thanks, you can come watch me do the cooking, Zipper replied. “Alright then, I followed him to the kitchen. He’ll cook chat and continue talking, he really never gets tired of talking. But he’s really kinda funny, I enjoyed his company. “here we are, food is ready, he said with a smile. “awwn, it smells nice, hope it’s gonna taste nice too? I teased. “you are sure gonna bit your fingers when you taste this soup, he bragged. “uhm, let’s have a taste then, I said, stretching out my Palm, he used the soup spoon to touch my Palm. ” wow, this is delicious, how did you learn how to cook so nice? Am sure you are mummy’s boy, I teased, he chuckled and started setting the tray up with dishes.

We then head to the dining and ate the delicious egusi soup and eba.

After the meal, I had my shower and got dressed for school, cos I would like to check some of my stuffs at school. I forgot to tell you, he actually took my bag for me when he rescued me, so it was easy for me to change my clothes. I went to meet him in the sitting room, he was already dressed. Wow, he’s so cute. I stood at the entrance door, staring at him. I just wished

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