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Added: Sep 07, 2018
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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 6
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I just wished he is my boyfriend, I felt like throwing myself into his arms for a hug but I quickly rebuked the thought. He was actually staring at me, D--n it, he caught me drooling, hope he’s not gonna start feeling porch now cos I hate it, I pinched myself out of my thought and walked straight to him. “you are looking stunning miss, he complimented With a smile. “thanks, I said, blushing. “you look good too, I stuttered, he smiled and stood up. “shall we? He said, gesturing his hand on the way. I nodded and walked in front while he walked behind me, though I don’t feel comfortable for a guy to walk behind me, It makes me miss my steps. When we got outside the compound, it was indeed beautiful. He has lots of cars parked in the garage, like seriously, after waking up, this is the first time am coming out of the room and I wonder while he is still stealing, when he’s got all he requires. Well, thieves will always be thieves. “sk, is the Jeep ready? He yelled at a dark guy who’s almost of same age with him, the guy ran to him before responding. “yes sir, I’ve cleaned it up, here is the key, the guy said, giving him the key. “thanks, help me open the gate, he said to sk. He ran to the gate, while Zipper went to open the door for me, I felt like screaming wow but I held it back and gently sat inside, he shut the door for me before going to sit on the driver’s seat.

Noble my twin brother was with Dave, my boyfriend, I don’t even know if I love him but we have been dating right from first year. “there’s no trace of Noge at all, I just hope she’s fine wherever she is, she just disappeared just like that, even her bag wasn’t there after the robbers had left, Noble kept saying, worriedly. “you worry too much, remember she’s also my girlfriend, I know she escaped bcos of the robbers, I strongly believe she will be hear soon, Dave said. “What if she was kidnapped by the robbers? Noble said. “taar, don’t say such a thing, she can never be kidnapped, I know Noge more than you, she is smart, trust me, she wouldn’t want to miss her lectures for any reason, though no serious lecture for now, I really know she would come around, Dave added.

Zipper dropped me off at the school gate, I asked him to come inside but he refused. “here’s my number, call me when you are done, ok? He said, without looking at my direction, it seems something is bothering him, who cares anyway. “I’ll give you a beep, I said, before stepping out.

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