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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I noticed how he was staring at me, I just [email protected] the door and walked away without looking at the car. I met my friends outside our department hall, they were so happy to see me. We hugged gist and hugged again. I later narrated my ordeal to them and they were like. “babe, you are in a hot soup, Cheryl said. “so you mean you slept in the same house with the thief who robbed you people? Cole added.

“chill girls, don’t let anyone hear about it, just bring your voice down,
I pleaded. “What about your brother? Cheryl asked. “I’ve not even seen him, I’ll check on him later,I stuttered. “that your brother wey like you pass him babe, I know he would be very worried now, Cole said, I giggled. “sure he should, I replied, while we were discussing, we saw Renee, my twin brother’s girlfriend, she is also our friend, she walked in on us, frowning her face.

“babe, how e de do you now?
Cheryl teased her. “una don quarrel abi? Cole added. “I don’t know what’s eating him up, he practically ignored me, Renee cried. The three of us exchanged glances, Cole giggled. “where is he? I asked. “he’s with Dave, in front of their department, she replied. “let’s go see him then, I suggested. We all headed to go see them. He was so excited that he grabbed me for a tight hug, making the others jealous. “oh my gosh, so you mean, you abandoned the rest of us to die there, while you escaped right? Noble said, making me giggle.

“come on bro, it wasn’t as easy as you said, I really don’t know how I left that place, God only helped me to escape the death that almost befell me, I said, making my bro frown. ” you escape death and you are looking this good, he said, I could see the pain in Renee’s eyes, I giggled and winked at Cheryl and Cole, they giggled also.”that aside, why were you snubbing our queen? I asked, playfully, that was when he realized her mood. “oh my, am so sorry baby, I never meant to do that ok, I wasn’t in my right state of mind when you came, that’s y, am really sorry ok, he said, hugging her from behind, making her blush, she was smiling cheekily, winking at me. “that’s ok, I was only worried about your mood, now I know why you did that, she turned and hugged him so tight, he grabbed her lips and started kissing her. ” oh please, you guys should get a room, Cheryl teased, Making us chuckle. “Noge, you didn’t even notice me, Dave said painfully. Like seriously, I’ve told him several times that I feel nothing for him but he won’t leave me alone

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