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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 8
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He likes pestering my life, calling himself my boyfriend, spending money on me, unnecessarily. It was actually Cole’s idea to give him a chance thinking the feelings would come but the more he comes closer, the farther my heart leaves him. “sorry about that, I really need to clear up my head right now, take care, I walked away, to everyone’s surprise. They stood watching with mouths agape. “have I said anything bad? Please you guys need to help me beg her, please, Dave pleaded. “chill bro, she’ll be fine, I will personally talk to her, Cole assured.

“I will do same, I really don’t like the way she’s treating you, Noble added.

I don’t care about what they think, am really gonna quit that guy, enough of the pretense. I sat alone in our resting place, then my mind drifted to Zipper, that guy is something else. I think he’s kinda addicted to stealing, cos with the house he’s living, I believe he has a lot of money, he should stop stealing and get himself something to do, I will talk to him about it, maybe I’ll try being friendly towards him, am sure he needs help, I will do that, I assured myself. I was in my thought when I felt someone sit beside me. I tried to look at the face but he’s wearing a dark spectacle, he wasn’t looking at me, he had a face cap on, he looks dangerous. I suddenly felt the urge to pea so I got up slightly but he pulled me back to the seat. I wanted to scream but he covered my mouth and showed me a gun, making my eyes popped. “just relax, and be a good girl, he ordered, grinning wickedly, I nodded hastily, not wanting to provoke the gun he’s holding. “Zipper dropped you off this morning right? He asked, making me wonder how he knew him. “don’t be surprised, cos he is also our member, he has violated our law by taking you to his house, and so, the only way he could be free from our wrath is if he agrees to waste you, the guy said, making me gasp. “if you must know, he has refused to waste you, so, we are gonna do it by ourselves, he whispered into my ear, I started crying. “please don’t kill me, please I beg you, I started pleading, but he hushed me. He chuckled. “sorry baby, I would have spared you but you already told your friends about it, so, you are going down, he yelled. “aaaahhh, I mistakenly screamed, making him give me a dirty slap, I quickly covered my mouth with my Palm. He looked at a direction as if he saw something, he got up and hurried away, making me wonder what he saw. “who was that?

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