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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 9
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A voice startled me, I turned and saw Zipper, wow he saved my life again, he’s sure my Guardian angel in a thief form. I couldn’t say a word, I just got up and hugged him, he was surprised cos he stood still. When I realized what I just did, I shyly moved away from him. “” sorry, I was just, uhm… I really didn’t know what to say to him, he gave me a knowing smile, he’s sure gonna rip my heart out with those smiles. “I understand, hope he didn’t hurt you? He asked. “he slapped me, I heard myself said like a baby, his eyes instantly turned red. “he did what? How dare him? He yelled as he cupped my face in his arm and saw the sign of the slap cos his fingers showed on my face. “am sure gonna break his neck if I find out who he is, Zipper yelled and pulled me into a hug again, this time, I found myself hugging him back as he caressed my hair, no one was willing to break from the hug.”So he is the reason why you were snubbing me right? I heard Dave’s voice, making us break from the hug. I suddenly became dumb, Zipper just stood watching us. “Noge, how could you cheat on me after all I’ve… He tried to speak further but I cut him up. “Dave, can you please shut up? I yelled, making him startled. “oh, you are asking me to shut up right? You have been cheating on me with this thing and you are asking me to shut up, Dave fired up. “excuse me, you have no right to call me that ok, Zipper yelled back at him. “Dave, it’s really not what you think, Zipper am sorry about that, meet my boyfriend Dave, Dave meet Zipper, I introduced, I know how hurt Zipper was when I called Dave my boyfriend. “even if he is your husband, he’s got no right to insult me ok, as for you, I’ve got nothing to do with your girlfriend OK, better settle your differences, excuse me, Zipper said and walked away. I became so angry, I felt like giving Dave a dirty slap. ” am sorry, I was just jealous, seeing you hug another guy like that, when you’ve not even given me such before, Dave kept saying but it seems he was making noise. “you know what Dave? I need a break, just leave me alone, I hissed and walked away. I heard him calling my name but I ignored him and went out of the gate. I dialed Zipper’s number but he wasn’t picking my calls. [b]” why am I even bothered? Abeg, shift jor, I switched off my phone and placed it in the pocket of my trouser. I decided to go spend the night with my friends in hostel. At 7:30 pm, that was when Zipper decided to call me back, I hissed

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