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Added: Sep 14, 2018
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To Love a Thief - Season 1 - Episode 15
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“anyhow you call am, na still thief we de thief, just make sure say, the babe no make you back out, na my own be that,
Fixo said. “she’s got no problem, and I’ll make sure she doesn’t come between us, Zipper stuttered. “very well then, we have an operation by 12am, get your selves prepared, no one is permitted to leave this place until we return from the place, understood? Sharks addressed and they all replied “yes boss.

I went to meet Mr Scott Brown after the day’s lecture and he was kinda giving me a strange look.
I smirked and greeted him, he adjusted his spectacle and started checking me out. “sir, you called me, I yelled, eying him, he cleared his throat and rested his back on the seat. “yes, erm, as you know my policy, I’d just go straight to the point, you know late coming to my class, attracts failure in my course, even if you are the world vest student, I would fail you woefully for coming late, he blabbed. “but sir, this is my first time of coming late, please you have to consider that sir, and you know I’ve never failed any course, yours won’t be an exception, I murmured, looking him over, he smirked. “well, we’ll see how it goes then, just leave my office, he said calmly, making my eyes popped, cos I know he’s gonna fail me just as he had said. “sir, it hasn’t gotten to that now, ok fine, what do I do to get my real marks, I suddenly asked, making him smile mischievously. “now you are talking, just meet me up at Zina’s hotel tomorrow by 4 pm, every thing would be sorted out, he stuttered.

I took a good look at this old thing sitting in front of me, I felt like strangling him, he’s such a devil. “Alright sir, I replied, eying him. “good girl, you may now leave, we’ll see tomorrow, he said, leaking his lips. I left his office so angry, I needed someone to talk to, I couldn’t tell my brother cos he has no idea of how to treat such issues. Maybe I’ll tell Dave about it, he helped me with such issue In first year, I pray he isn’t still upset about the break up. Mtcheeww, I won’t tell him cos he might want to use that as a means to get me back.
When I got to Zipper’s house, he wasn’t home and he didn’t pick me up as he had said. “gosh, I’ll be so bored In this house without him. I took my phone and tried calling him but his phone was switched off. I called my brother, we chatted for a while before ending the call. I prepared lunch but couldn’t eat. “why the strange feeling now? I asked myself.

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