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Too Late To Claim
 - Season 1 - Episode 12
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We got in, aunty Abigail sat on the sofa breathing in relief.

I guessed she was very tired from the hours of driving.

She told me to sit and drop my bags.

Immediately her phone rang,she answered and began talking to whosoever it was.

I decided to use that opportunity to take a look around.

I dropped my bags on the well tiled floor but refused to sit.

I remained standing as I continued looking and to be sincere,that was the most beautiful site I have ever seen.

The place was very cold and smelled real nice.
I felt a little bit cold like I was when in the car but I managed to bear it.

I can’t come and disgrace myself even though I am a villager.

I later learnt that it was the air conditioner that is responsible for the cold temperature of the house.

I looked around, moving slowly from one place to another admiring everything I saw.

Everything was well arranged and decorated like a wedding venue.

All were so beautiful and well designed to suit their various made.

I didn’t know the names of everything but I could see a table made of glass placed in the center of the house.

I saw four blues chairs around the table which I learnt are called sofa.

At the other end,were the same table and chairs and I learnt that was referred to as the dinning.

I saw a big television hanging on the wall or should I say was built inside the wall?
I was surprised.

I have seen a television before but not as big as this one neither was it built in the wall.

I smiled at the white man wonders.

Who says White man is not God?
Just look at this.

My eyes caught a photo hanging on the wall.
I moved closer to get a better view.

I saw a woman sitting in the middle with four other people surrendering her.

Two girls and two boys.

I recognized the lady as aunty Abigail and from the resemblance of their faces,I could tell they were the children she had told me about.

They were really beautiful and handsome especially the girls.

And they all looked fair like her.

i exclaimed
Who will ever believe that I will set my foot into a beautiful mansion like this?

I noticed aunty Abigail was through with her call so I quickly sat but I jumped up in shocked.

The chair was too soft like it was about to go under.

Aunty Abigail laughed at me making me to feel ashamed.

“Don’t worry dear, you will get use to it with time”
she said standing up and picking my bags up.

“Come let me take you to your room so you can freshen up,I need to go buy some food stuffs at the market”

I nodded and followed her.

But when I saw that she was climbing endless stairs that looked like a long snake,I stopped half way and watched as she climbed.

It was like she didn’t hear my footsteps after her so she turned to check only to see me standing down looking at her with fears written over my face.

She chuckled a little, telling me to climb that it doesn’t bite but i was so afraid.

She sighed and asked me to wait for her as she continued climbing and disappeared through the other way with my bags.

Few seconds later,she came back without my bags and climbed down to where I was standing.

“You have to learn how to make use of this Jessy” she told me

“Your room is upstairs and you will use these stairs to go to it.”

I nodded though I was afraid.

She held my hand and commanded me to follow her and be observant of her feet.
Slowly,we climbed as I watched her feet and followed her while she held my hand.

Though I afraid, i was careful not to fall.

The stairs were quite long but we reached at the end which I sighed in relief.

What a stressful work.

She looked at me and smiled again, letting go of my hand and told me to follow her as we walked.

I counted four rooms before we reached to the fifth one.

She opened the door and we entered.

Another beautiful sight to behold.

There was a big bed in the right corner of the room,big enough to occupy five people.

A table at the other end filled with books and other things.

A big standing mirror placed at the middle of the room.

A lightbulb located in the ceiling which enabled the room to shine brightly.

A small room right near the bed which I learnt was called a wardrobe for keeping clothes and the other one at the other side leading to what I don’t know.

A small window at the upper left side of the room.

Above all, the room was beautiful, tidy,cold and smelled nicely.

“Hope you like it?”
aunty Abigail asked
“Yes ma” I smiled

“This used to be my third daughter room but she travelled to America to be with her daddy,so you will be staying in this room”

I gasped!

Me alone in this room!


“But ma, what if she comes back?”
I asked

“Well,I doubt because I believe she will be married by then but if she does, there are other rooms available”
she replied

“Ok thanks so much ma”
I appreciated her
“You’re welcome Jessy, I want you to feel free and comfortable,ask me whatever you want and I will do my best ok,I know I can’t replace your mother but I want you to see me as her, never you hide anything from me,no matter what. always be a good girl and we will run along very fine”

“I promise ma”
I said to her
“Good and what is our agreement again?”
she asked me

“No more crying”
I replied smiling.

“That’s my girl, come let me show you how to on the shower”
she said leading as I followed her to the other room I saw either on.

The tears dropped from my tears.

She had said no crying but these weren’t tears of sorrows.

They were tears of joy.

Mother was truly right.

“God makes everything beautiful in his time”

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