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Too Late To Claim
 - Season 1 - Episode 19
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The girls were sitting in front of their hostel gisting about what’s trending on social media when she walked to them with an angered expression written all over face.

They stopped talking and turned looking at her.

“Babe, what’s wrong? Why are you fuming with anger?”
The first girl asked

“Can u imagine,one foolish guy just blocked me on my way and started vomiting trash”
she shouted in annoyance

“Guy block you,I don’t understand”
the second said

“What did he say?” The first girl asked again

“Wants to be my friend”
she replied
They all bursted into laughter.

“Just because of ordinary friendship,girl you self chill” the second one said.

“Is that all you are going to say?”
She asked

“Girlfriend,I don’t see anything wrong in a guy trying to be your friend,you are a grown up woman, you never can tell where you will meet your husband, after NYSC is work or Marriage.

You need to free yourself and associate with people”
the first one advised

“Yes but not definitely a f--k boy like that”
she replied

“How did you know he is a f--k boy, have you seen him with any girl on this camp, not every guy has a girlfriend here?”

“He is cute and fair with a nice stature,he definitely couldn’t be single,I know their type,they think their look will make every girl to fall.i am not interested”

“So someone cannot be handsome in peace again?”
The second asked

“See girlfriend”
the first said “you and I know where you are coming from,we don’t have it and you don’t know whether your help is in this camp, free and associate yourself,get to know the guy and drop him if you don’t like never had a boyfriend so you need to and drop this mentality that all cute guys are womaniser”

“And you know what”
the second added “I think I have seen this guy from your description.though there are alot of cute fair guys here but I just hope is not the one I am eyeing o”

the first girl joked. ”how did you know he is the one? You like man too much o”

“I just hope he is not the one because I have been in love with this guy for some times now,his friend Chima promised to help me talk to him”

“So I came to explain something to you girls and you simply saying rubbish,I don’t blame you people”
she hissed and walked out.

“You better free yourself o”
the first shouted after her “beauty is like flower”

“Don’t mind her”
the second added “but girl,if you see this guy i am talking about ehh, I swear,the guy is so cute. Fine boy with a white man color, average height,pink lips,if the guy smiled ehh, you will run mental”

“All this description just for one boy”
the first asked

“I am telling you,I fell in love instantly when I met him during our early morning training, I asked his friend to help me talk to him because I know his friend”

“So you are the one toasting a guy now,you don’t have an iota of shame”

“Whatever, at least I know how to appreciate good things,stay there and be forming, you that is talking to Vero to be freed, where is your boyfriend on this camp?”

“I don’t need one because I already have a finacee at home waiting for me to be through so we get marry, at least I am better than you that keeps dashing to every d--k n Harry here.Aids is real oo, let’s forget about pregnancy because abortion na small thing for you”

“I non blame you,shebi na your papa I dey remove for”
the second hissed and walked away.


“Guy how far”
Chris greeted shaking hands with Chima

“I dey o,wetin dey sup?” Chima asked

“Oboy, the way I am angry right now eh?”

“What is the problem? Or is it confirmed that you have AIDS?”

“Na your father get AIDS.why don’t you shut up and listen when sensible people are talking?”

“Oh I am sorry”
Chima apologized

“Anyway, you remembered that girl we saw the last time while we were discussing about what the government has said concerning our matter.”
Chris asked

“Which girl?”
Chima asked too

“Fool, the girl that made you to knocked my head”

“Oh ok, that chocolate babe,I remembered but guy that girl go make sense o,I believe say she Sabi rock d--k for bed,see hips and yansh,see Bobby meh, that kind yansh dey good for spanking ehh,the thing go just dey enter easily”
Chima praised naughtily.

Chris stood speechless looking his friend.

Chima kept quiet when he realized that Chris was starring at him in anger
“Why are you looking at me ?”
Chima asked “I won’t take her from you,I am just admiring nature”

Chris called “how did I really become your friend,was I high or drunk?”
Chima hissed “Go ask Google,abeg talk what you were saying before”
Chris sighed

“Anyways,as I was saying before your “he goat of a brain”got loose,I met her today,I tried talking to her, you won’t believe how she insulted and walked out on me”

Chima laughed.

Chris frowned

“Can’t you be serious for once, what is funny na?”

“Seriously Chris, you f----d up, you supposed to know that you can’t get such beauty easily,you know women especially those who are beautiful,they will want to form hard to down and plan on how to get her or allow me to make the move”

“You are mad”
Chris cursed while Chima laughed

“I should allow you so she will end up for your d--k,no way,I will get her. just a matter of time unless my name is not Chris again”
He bragged.

“I trust you na, Chris ,The only brostitude, after you na you” Chima hailed

“Na your father be brostitude,fool, please I am hungry, let’s go find something to eat”
Chris said as he and Chima walked along.

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