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Too Late To Claim
 - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Aunty Abigail showed how to turn on and off the shower,how to switch to cold,warm or hot water and how to flush the toilet.

Being a smart learner,I was about to grab the idea immediately and when I did it myself I got it perfectly.

She smiled,showed me the soap and towel and left the room to go freshen up and come back.

I removed my clothes,sat inside the bathtub, careful not to fall because it was a little bit slippery.

I took the soap,on the shower and began to bath.

In less than ten minutes I was done.
I took the towel,dried myself,tied it around me and walked back to the room..

I saw my bags on the table,so I opened it,picked a pink dress and wore it, going to the mirror to take a look.

Gosh!! It was so beautiful that i couldn’t helped but smiled.

Which person like to suffer?

What is life without happiness?

I picked my worn clothes off the floor and shoved it under the bed.

I sat on the bed and it was so soft and warm.
This is what we called a bed not that rough floor mother and I used to sleep on and get body ache every morning.

Oh! I wished mother was here to witness everything.

She sure deserves to partake in this blessing.
“I will always make you proud mother”
I said to myself.

I stood up,moved to the window and peeked through it.

I saw a man sitting by the corner of the gate.

I think that’s the gate man.

I was so engrossed in admiration of the building that I didn’t even notice any other person outside except aunty Abigail when we arrived.

I smiled again.

Thanks to Aunty Abigail for persuading me to follow her.

This is how I would have lost my golden opportunity of a lifetime,if I have refused to follow.

I turned when I heard a knock at the door unsure whether to open or not.

Few seconds,the door opened and aunty Abigail walked in.

She has changed her dress and was wearing a blue jeans trouser with a black polo shirt and black slippers.

This woman was truly an epitome of beauty.
Despite being a mother of four,she still looked young and beautiful.

I guess her children must have taken after her.
She smiled looking at me.

“Wow!! You look beautiful dear”
she complimented me.

“Thanks ma” I replied flashing a smile too remembering how mother always compliments me even in my rags.

“Come here dear”
she said opening her arms for a hug.

I moved closer and embraced her.

She caressed my hair and assured me that all is well.

“Look at me Jessy”
she commanded.

I raised my head and stared at her.

I could see a motherly love in her eyes.

“You are a fighter and you will survive”

I bowed my head and hugged her again.

Tears tried to come out but I stopped them.

I was done crying.

It is now time to smile again.

“Let’s go downstairs,i know you must be tired but I am taking you to make your hair for church tomorrow and we will also go to the market to buy food stuff for tomorrow.After that,we come home and you will lie down and rest”

I nodded as I wore the black shoes she bought for me and followed her.

Only God will help me to bless this woman with a golden heart.

Only few women can do what she is doing for me.

I will always be indebted to her.

“Aunty Abigail”
I called as she was about opening the door

“Yes dear”
she turned to look at me
“I love you” I said to her
She moved backward, hugged me tightly and responded

“I love you too my Jessy”

We got downstairs and went outside.

I was able to climb the stairs by

After introducing me as her daughter to the elderly gate man whose name is John, Aunty Abigail told him to open the gate as we got into the car and drove out.

The Era of a new Dawn is finally here.

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