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Too Late To Claim
 - Season 1 - Episode 15
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After making my hair,Aunty Abigail had noticed that I was feeling uncomfortable.

She asked and I told her that the pains were unbearable.

She smiled, gave me some pains killer and told me to bear that it will soon be gone.

After,we went to the market to buy food ingredients and other home stuffs then we went home.

The hair was very beautiful when I looked into the mirror properly upon reaching home.

I never knew I was this beautiful.

I couldn’t even recognized my face because I had transformed into a beautiful damsel.

I continuously blushed as Aunty Abigail kept complimenting me with sweet praises.

Telling me how angelic and gorgeous I looked.
Whenever she praises me,I remembered mother.

Never a day goes by without mother saying sweet words to my ear especially if I made alot of sales for the day.

I will never forget my mother no matter what.
Here I have alot to eat but before mother would give me the only and last piece to eat and sleep on empty stomach.

Goodbye is indeed the saddest world she has ever told me.

Later,I went into the kitchen to help Aunty Abigail arranged the stuffs and also to prepare dinner.

I took a look at the kitchen and bless the person that built the entire house.

Nothing can be as beautiful as this place.

Everything were neatly arranged in an orderly order.

All kitchen utensils were looking clean and beautiful ranging from the pots to plates to spoons to trays.everything.

Aunty Abigail showed and taught me how to use the kitchen sink, how to open and close the tap where water comes from,how to on and off the gas cooker and how to microwave food.

She showed me the oven too and promised to teach me how to bake someday.

She taught me many other things that I have never seen in my village.

I paid keen attention as she elaborated on everything and their patio used and functions in the kitchen.

I understood and kept them at the back of my mind.

I was sixteen years then though I have the full mature body of a young adult.

After teaching me,we went ahead to prepare rice and chicken stew for dinner.

We talked about many things as we cooked together.

It was then I asked her about the reasons for divorcing her husband or vice versa.

She paused a little and looked at me.

I guess she was shocked to know why I asked her.

For a moment,I regretted asking her that.

I apologized to her for trying to ask about her privacy.

She smiled and told me that it was nothing.
She promised to tell me everything someday.
Dinner was ready but I wasn’t hungry because of what I ate in the car on our way to the city.

She understood and told me to go upstairs and rest so I can wake up early tomorrow to get ready for church.

She kissed me goodnight on my cheeks as I sluggishly climbed the stairs to my room.

It has really been a stressful day and I was very tired.

The hair was really painful though but I had to manage.

Aunty Abigail has given me some painkillers on our way home so I believed the pain will be gone in time.

I opened the door of my room, entered, closed it and fell on the bed.

I was so tired so i made the prayer short by thanking God for life,then I slept off straight to dreamland.

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