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Too Late To Claim
 - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I was on my way to the market when I heard someone called me from behind.

I turned only to behold mother standing under a tree.

I couldn’t believe it.

I ran backward with speed and jumped on her as I embraced her tightly shouting with joy.
Mother smiled at me

“Mother,I missed you so much”
I said to her.

“I missed you too dear”she replied.

“Why did you leave me like that?”
I asked her.

“Am sorry dear but I won’t leave you again,am here now to stay”

I asked

“Yes Really”
she responded

“Look at you shinning so beautifully”
she praised me.

I blushed and smiled.

Mother sure know how to compliments me and I loved her for that.

“Mother you were so right, indeed God makes everything beautiful in his time.i can’t describe how I feel now.

Aunty Abigail is such a heaven sent,she loves and treats like her own.i wish you will get to meet her someday mother. She is such a woman with a heart of gold.”

“I will meet her someday dear, someday”
mother replied me.

“Ok mother,I have missed you so much”
I said as I hugged her again.

She didn’t say anything,I paused wondering why she didn’t respond.

Something wasn’t right because i felt a strange presence around me.

I released myself from her grip only to see that mother has transformed into a horrible looking monster with horns and teeth like a vampire.

She was holding a dagger about to strike me.
I screamed at the top of my voice.

Immediately another woman appeared, looking like my mother too then the horrible creature disappeared.

I froze on the spot,trembling with fear all over me.

the woman called

“Who are you”
I asked with a trembled voice.

The first woman had deceived me so I don’t believe this other woman is my real mother.

she called again “what happened here just now is an evidence that you need to be careful, things are not always as they appear to be… You are very young to understand this life. Don’t be carried away by things of this world.I have tried my best as a mother to impact moral disciplines inside you. Be careful Jessy, be careful”
With that she disappeared.

I shouted and took to my heels.

Immediately,I heard a knock on the door and jumped up sweating.

I looked around and saw that i was lying on the bed and I was already morning.

Then I understood that it was only a dream.

Another nightmare again.

What is really wrong with me?
Why is mother disturbing me?
The door opened and Aunty Abigail entered.

“Didn’t you hear me knocking at the door”
she asked

“Good morning ma,am sorry I just woke up”
I answered.

She looked at me and moved closer.

“Why are you sweating when the AC is on?”
“I had a nightmare ma”
“Another nightmare again”

I looked at her, wondering what she met by that.

I don’t remember telling her about a previous nightmare.

As if she read my mind,she replied

“You think I don’t know you had one on our way here, what is wrong Jessy?”

I kept mute and bowed my head.

Tears dropped from my eyes.

“Is your mother right?”
she asked
I nodded.

She sighed and moved closer to me,sat on the bed and placed my head on her laps.

“Don’t worry Jessy, you will get over her very soon.

You think too much about her that’s why.
It is called Illusion.Very soon, you will stop seeing her”

I nodded and wiped my tears.

“Is Sunday Jessy, you need to go freshen up and get ready for service..We don’t want to get late for church ok,come on, brighten up and don’t forget your promise.”

I forced out a smile and got out of the bed as I headed into the bathroom.

“Meet me downstairs when you are ready and don’t keep long”

“Ok ma”
I replied

I heard the door opened and closed which means she has left.

I bowed my head on the sink and began to cry.
Why is mother continuously disturbing me?
And what does she mean by I should be very careful?
Chris and Chima walked along as they were discussing about NYSC.

“Oboy,I have never seen a service as stressful as this, imagine,five am,we are already up”
Chris complained.

“Am telling you o,not as if they are giving people good money,no resting”
Chima added.

“Can’t wait to get out of here oo Chima, seriously I am missing home especially momma’s delicious meals” Chris said and smiled.

“You see your life, na food go kill you” Chima joked.

“But talking about your mom,so she never settled with your f--k daddy?”

“Thunder with tribal marks fire you there”
Chris shouted

“Na my daddy,you dey insult?”

“Of course na,Na f--k daddy he be.

Which responsible man go leave wife with four children go run after Oyibo women,I can see that’s the same lifestyle he gave you.

Follow every p---y in skirts.”

“I non get your time this morning,see who is talking, grandmaster of ashawo,Is it not you who taught me how to be a f--k boy?”

“Yes but you have grown pass my level na,I dey learn from you again”

They both laughed as they walked on

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