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TRAUMA (Pains of Love) - Season 2 - Episode 4
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The rate at which I shouted and the type of loud voice I used echoed round the four corners of the house and made everyone surprised.

“Becky!” Nath called out. “What’s making you shout in that manner?”

“Please don’t expose me,”
Eric whispered.

“Someone should tell this good for nothing to get out of my sight,” I fired and stood up, then left to the kitchen to pick up a tray so I could put my plate of garri and soup inside…

Coming back into the dining, everyone’s gaze had been fixed on Eric instead of the television but I cared less and dropped the tray on the table and kukuma carried my food and placed inside.

“Please,” Eric said and held my hands as I was about carrying up the tray of food. I stood and stared at his hands. “Ain’t you ashamed of yourself? Get those filthy things off my body or do I look like a little fool to you?” I barked furiously.

“Becky! What’s happening?” Josh asked as he stood up and walked to the dining.

“Let go of me Eric,” I demanded for the umpteenth time but he wasn’t ready to do so I released the tray and before one could say anything, I picked up the bowl of soup and emptied it on him while some splashed on Josh who stood beside us.

“That serves you right, next time you would listen and do as I say.”

“What did he do?”
a surprised Ken asked as he and Nath also came to the dining.

“Why don’t you ask the mother f----r?” I hissed and walked back to the stairs. I climbed up but stopped on the third step. “And yes! Be prepared to go back to your father’s house because you have overstayed your welcome,” I shouted and with that ran up the stairs to my room…

I entered my room and lay on my bed thinking. I prayed for sleep to come but it didn’t, so I just lay there, staring at the ceiling fan that was swirling in the air.
Soon I began to imagine things. Things like: the ceiling fan falling on me and how my dad would just appear to calm me down but nothing of such happened.

Then all of a sudden, my room door opened and my mom, my cousins and Ken walked in. I sat up on my bed and looked at them while mom came to sit beside me.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone please,” I said and stood up, the rushed to the toilet and slammed the door behind me. Staying inside the toilet reminded me of Eric and Joy but I still managed to stay inside because I didn’t want to talk to anyone…

I came out minutes later, hoping they must have left but surprisingly, they were still there.

“I don’t just understand why some people can’t let me be,” I mumbled, then moved to sit on my chair behind my reading desk.

“Becky!” mom called. “You and Eric walked together to school in the morning but this afternoon, the scene I met in the dining room when I returned from work tells me something is wrong, What happened?” she inquired.

“Nothing!” I said sharply and stood to walk out but Ken held me back.

“Why acting strange Becky, for God’s sake, Eric said he did nothing wrong to you,” he said.

“Uhlala,” I laughed. “Can’t you see it, that guy is mad, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find him in the streets soon.”

“This is serious, I think Eric must have done something really bad because my daughter doesn’t just start developing hatred for someone without any reason, I will go talk to Eric,”
Mom said, stood up and left the room while my cousins sighed and followed her.

After they had gone, I decided to visit David, then pretend like I want to get my note from him. I quickly changed into a black leggings and pink top, then wore a pink palms to match. I brushed my hair since I wasn’t chanced to plait it and tied it with a black hair band. I wore my wristwatch and a little perfume, applied a little powder and left the room…
I climbed down the stairs and laughed at Eric who was mopping the dining floor. I guess he had told them the truth coz everyone wore an angry look. I walked up to mom who sat on a single couch and whispered to her that I wanted to visit David and added a lie that I also want to get my notebook.

“Okay dear but be careful and come back before 6:30pm,” she smiled.

I pecked her on the right cheek, bade my cousins goodbye and left the house…
After about five minutes of walk, I found myself infront of David’s gate at about 5:15pm. The huge gate was painted black. I knocked gently twice, then the small part of the gate swung open to reveal David in a blue shorts and white singlet but he looked surprised to see me.

“Hi!” I greeted but he didn’t answer and guess what? Hmmm…

“David, who’s there?” a female voice asked from inside while I gave David the look of “You too…”

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