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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 240
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Tanu meets Nikhil in town.
He tells her to get in his car.

She gets in and says she knows he went to see Pragya.
He says she invited him for a business meeting.
Tanu reminds him that they are enemies with Pragya.

He says she's Pragya's enemy but he's not.
She asks what Pragya wanted him for.
He says he gave her a proposal for a job and it's the same job Tanu was supposed to help him with.

She tells him that he can't work for Pragya.
He says he is concerned about his future and Tanu is not ready to help him.
Tanu says she's warning him not to work for Pragya.

Nikhil accidentally knocks down a cart pusher crossing the street.
Rachna and Pami are in the market.
Rachna sees the commotion and goes to look.
She sees Tanu and Nikhil begging the man they knocked down.

A crowd has gathered and they are blaming Nikhil.
A policeman arrives on the scene.
He blames Tanu and Nikhil for the accident.
Nikhil tells him not to talk to Tanu that way because she's his wife and pregnant with his child.

The policeman takes them away.
Rachna decides to tell Pragya about it.
Pragya tells Purab that Nikhil agreed to take the job.
Rachna calls to tell Pragya all that happened.
She suggests Pragya gets Abhi to the police station so he can hear for himself.
Pragya thinks it's a good idea.

Abhi is in the room listening to music.
Pragya tells him to follow her to the police station to give a statement about Alia's accident.
He says he doesn't want to.
She tells him they may get into trouble if he doesn't.

He agrees to go.

At the police station, Nikhil tells the constable that his wife is traumatised as she has never been to a police station before.
He says he can pay for the man's treatment and everything.
The constable asks if he's trying to bribe him.
He drags him to a superior's office.
Pragya and Abhi arrive but they can't see Nikhil
and Tanu.

An officer opens the door to the office and Pragya sees Nikhil.
Abhi asks to see an inspector.
The policemen see him and they are all excited and begging for photos.
Pragya says they have to go.
She takes him to the office Nikhil is in.
They hear Nikhil begging the inspector to let his wife go.

Tanu is nowhere in sight.
Abhi asks him if everything is okay.
Nikhil is shocked to see them.
The inspector tells Abhi that his friend is in a lot of trouble.
Abhi asks what happened.
The inspector says he knocked down a stall owner and his pregnant wife was with him but he is telling them to leave his wife alone.
Pragya congratulates Nikhil and says she didn't know he was married.

Abhi pleads with the inspector on Nikhil's behalf.
Pragya asks where his wife is so she can go to her.
The inspector orders one of his men to go and bring the wife.
Pragya starts giving Nikhil advice on how to be more careful when his wife is with him.
Nikhil realises that Pragya brought Abhi on purpose.

He vows to make her pay.
Pragya tells herself that Nikhil and Tanu will pay.
Abhi explains to Nikhil that everything has been taken care of as he has spoken to the inspector and all he needs to do is pay the cart pusher.
They bring the 'wife' and it's another woman, Sonali.

Pragya is disappointed.
She says that can't be his wife.
Abhi asks if she doesn't remember when Nikhil brought her to the house.
Nikhil hugs Sonali in relief.
He reminds them that she's Sonali, his wife.
Abhi says she doesn't look pregnant.
Sonali says she just 3 months in.

Abhi says Nikhil has to bring her to dinner one day.
Abhi leaves to take a phone call.
Pragya tells Nikhil that she knows Sonali is not his wife.
He says she's his wife.
Pragya asks where Tanu is.
Nikhil asks where Tanu came from as she wasn't with him.

He realises Tanu was right in saying Pragya was trying to trap him with the job offer.
Abhi asks if there are any formalities left.
The inspector says no.
Pragya walks out.
Nikhil and Sonali also leave.
Abhi tells the inspector that he wants to record his statement for Alia's accident.
The inspector says they are not filing it.
Abhi wonders what Pragya is up to.
At the house, Alia pops a bottle of champagne open.
She laughs with Tanu.

Tanu thanks her for saving her today.
She asks how Alia knew everything.
Alia says she used the guest bathroom and she overheard Rachna talking to Pragya on the phone because Pragya put her phone on speaker so that Purab could listen so she heard everything about the accident with Nikhil and Tanu and how Nikhil claimed Tanu was the wife and they took them to the station.

She says she decided to call Tanu to warn her that Pragya and Abhi were coming to the station.
Tanu says when she Alia told her Abhi and Pragya were coming, she had to place a call to Sonali to come to the station and switched places with her.

Alia says it's good that Tanu is using her baby to her advantage.
Nikhil arrives and says Tanu did well.
He says Pragya was shocked when she saw Sonali.
Tanu and Alia laugh.
Nikhil says Pragya did such a stupid thing just after offering him the job.

Tanu says she knew all along what Pragya was up to.
Alia tells Nikhil to use it to his advantage as Pragya doesn't know that he knows what she's up to.
Alia asks where Pragya is.

Tanu says she must be crying somewhere.
Nikhil leaves.
Pragya returns home.
Tanu sees her and asks if she liked her surprise.
Pragya doesn't respond.
Tanu says Pragya's plan backfired.
Pragya is still quiet.
Tanu tells Pragya to just give up because luck is not on her side when her husband is not on her side.

She says she has Pragya's husband on her own side.
She brings out the Fatty doll and tells Pragya that the doll is her reality and even with all her new ways of dressing, she's still the plain girl with glasses.
Pragya tells her to go and keep the doll back because if Abhi sees it with her, she has no idea what he would do.

Tanu says she will just make it disappear the same way she disappeared from the police station and she will make it seem like Pragya threw it away.
Pragya says she should have known Tanu would do such a thing.
Tanu says Pragya also pretended not to know about her and Nikhil this whole time.
Pragya takes the doll from her and tells her she is not as smart as she thinks.
Tanu asks if she's wondering how she knew what the plan was.

She tells her all that happened and says she and Alia are ready to throw her out of the house and she's promising Pragya that tomorrow would be her last day in Abhi's house.
Pragya asks if she thinks nobody else in the house knows what she's up to.
She asks if she has thought of what Abhi would do when he Abhi finds out the truth about her and the baby.

Tanu sees Abhi approaching and he hides being a pillar to listen.
Pragya doesn't see him
She tells Tanu that she the truth will eventually come out.
Abhi wonders why Pragya was being aggressive.
Pragya is in the room crying.
Grandmother, Purab and Rachna come in to ask what's wrong.

Pragya says she doesn't know how Tanu keeps escaping.
She tells them what happened at the police station.
Purab says they would stop doing things in secret and they need to come up with another plan that's 'Do or die..'
Tanu comes to tell Alia all that happened with Pragya and how Abhi saw them.
Alia says Tanu can use it to her advantage.
She tells her of a plan.

Tanu hugs her and says they need to execute it so they can get things rolling in the next 24 hours.
Pragya is sleeping on the couch.
She is taking in her sleep, saying she won't spare Tanu.
She almost rolls off the couch.
Abhi catches her.
She opens her eyes and Abhi tells her she was angrily harassing Tanu in her sleep.
He asks why she took him to the police station.
He asks if she wanted to use him to target Tanu.
She says she took him to give his statement on Alia's accident.

He says he asked and the inspector said it wasn't necessary as nobody filed a complaint.
He asks if she is planning to frame Tanu.

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