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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 241
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Abhi accuses Praga of trying to frame Tanu.

He asks why she's trying to frame his future wife.
Pragya asks why he's taking Tanu's side.
He says he's not on anyone's side.
He begs her to please stop fighting with Tanu as his life is getting ruined.

Later on, Tanu sees Abhi in the living room and begs him to come with her.
She takes him to the room and shows him her red veil with a hole in it.
She says someone burnt it with the pressing iron now she doesn't know what she will get married in.

Abhi asks who did it so he can deal with the person.
She says his beloved Fatso did it.
He says Fatso and Pragya are 2 different people.
She says Pragya doesn't want them to get married that's why she's been doing this to hurt her.

Abhi says she can't be sure Pragya did anything.
Tanu says he needs to do something and he has to divorce her.
He is surprised.
Tanu reminds him that Pragya took all his property.

She tells him to divorce her in 24 hours.
Pragya gets a phone call from a producer who wants to cast Abhi in an international ad.
Pragya is very happy that something good is happening in the midst of all the bad things that have happened.

Tanu wants Abhi to deceive Pragya into signing the divorce papers.
He says he can't deceive Pragya.
Tanu acts really hurt.
Abhi leaves the room.
Abhi is in his room looking for what to wear in his wardrobe.

He flings his clothes across the room as he searches for a particular outfit.
Pragya enters the room and tells him to find something to wear because they are going to dinner with a new producer.

Abhi says he's not going.
Pragya tells him it's important.
He tells her to give him 500 000 and he will go
She asks what he needs it for.
He says he needs designer clothes and his girlfriend also needs them.

She asks if the clothes are for him or someone else.
He says he wants to buy things for his baby
She says she doesn't have money for such.
He begs her to please give him some money.
She tells him that Robin is bringing his food as he hasn't eaten all day.

He says he won't eat anything.
He stalks out of the room.
Pragya tells Robin to take the food to Grandmother's room.
She calls Grandmother on the phone.
Abhi is in Grandmother's room.
She asks why he hasn't eaten anything all day.
He asks if Pragya told her anything.

Grandmother says nobody has to tell her anything because she's his grandmother and she knows.
She starts to feed him and he eats.
Abhi goes into Tanu's room.
He meets her crying.

He asks why she's crying.
She accuses him of not caring for her and only caring about Pragya.
She says he should at least show some concern for their child because if he doesn't marry her, she would kill herself.

Abhi says he has decided to divorce Pragya so he will go to dinner with her to meet a producer and he will bring up the issue of the divorce.
Tanu says she already prepared the papers.
She gives the divorce papers to him.
Abhi doesn't look too happy.

Abhi enters the room to find Pragya.
Pragya walks in and he tells himself that whatever attitude she gives him, he would give her double.
Pragya sits and he also sits.
She takes out a magazine and he does the same.
She picks up a lipstick and he stares at her.
She asks if he won't copy her anymore.

Abhi says he wants to get away from her because she deceived him and he wants a divorce.
Pragya is shocked.
Abhi says he wants 500 000 or he would not go to the dinner.

Pragya gives in.
She takes the amount out of the wardrobe and gives to him.
Abhi counts the money.
She asks if he doesn't trust her
He says the first rule in business is to count your money.

He leaves the room with the money.
Tanu goes to Alia to tell her all that happened.
Alia says it's good news and calls for a celebration.
She pours herself a glass of champagne and juice for Tanu.

She says the victory won't be for just Tanu because she has also been longing for when Pragya would leave.
Tanu says she can just imagine Pragya's face when she discovers it was the divorce papers she signed.

Alia asks if she's sure Abhi can do it.
Tanu says she has emotionally blackmailed Abhi and she's sure he would do it.
She stands up and says she needs to go and see how Abhi gives Pragya the papers.

Alia tells her not to go and make Abhi angry.
Tanu says what if Abhi doesn't go through with it?
Mitali enters the room and asks Tanu where she's going.

Tanu says she's going shopping.
Mitali says she wants to come along.
Tanu says she's going to a five-star hotel where Abhi is taking Pragya.
She leaves the room and Mitali asks Alia what's going on.

Alia tells her to promise not to tell anyone.
Mitali says she won't tell anyone.
Abhi and Pragya are in a restaurant with the producer and his wife.
The producer asks about Abhi's grandmother.
Abhi says she's fine.

The producer asks how Abhi's married life is.
He says the last time they saw Abhi and Pragya, they looked really in love but it seems something has changed.

Abhi and Pragya look at one another.
The producer's wife says she can still see the love between them.
Tanu is hiding and spying on them from another table.

The producer asks if Abhi and Pragya are expecting a child.
Abhi asks how they know.
The producer says having a child usually takes the romance away from a couple.

His wife says she just looked at Pragya and knew she was pregnant because she's glowing and she put on some weight.
Pragya looks uncomfortable.
The husband asks to take photos with them.
He tells Abhi to stand close to Pragya then he makes Pragya hold on to Abhi.

Tanu is almost in tears.
Abhi sees her and excuses himself
He pulls Tanu as he walks past her table.
Aunt Indu returns home from her pilgrimage.
Grandmother happily welcomes her.
Mitali asks if she brought gifts.

Aunt Indu says she bought for everybody.
She gives clothes to Rachna, grandmother and Pami.
She gives Mitali food items at first then gives her the real present when Mitali is almost in tears.
She asks for Tanu so she can also give her a gift.
Abhi asks Tanu what she's doing there.

She says she was feeling queasy and came for fresh air.
He says she's lying and it's because she doesn't trust him.
He asks what's the use of getting a divorce is, if she doesn't trust him and came to say on him.
She admits she came to spy on him because he's supposed to be getting a divorce but he's not doing it.

He says he will get Pragya to sign the papers his own way and not the way Tanu wants.
He returns to his seat.
The producers give them the contract to sign.
They sign and the couple leave.

Pragya tells Abhi that they should just sit back and celebrate as they just signed an important contract.
He says he doesn't feel like it.

She reminds him that they are still married so they need to celebrate as a married couple.
Abhi tells himself that he will soon divorce her but he won't trick her into signing the papers.
Pragya orders non-alcoholic cocktails for them.

The waiter brings the drinks and Pragya says they look like something isn't right.
Abhi tells her it was her order.
Pragya drinks the entire glass and gets drunk.
The waiter returns and says he made a mistake with their order.

Abhi gets upset.
The waiter apologises and Abhi sends him away.
Pragya drinks the second glass of alcohol that was meant for Abhi.
She says the producer's wife told her to always look at Abhi's picture since she's pregnant but the woman was wrong.

Abhi asks if she can't get pregnant.
Pragya says she doesn't need to look at his picture as he's in her heart all the time.
She tries to stand up and he supports her because she is drunk.

Tanu marches to their table and tells Abhi that he never does what she asks him to.
She tells him to make Pragya sign the divorce papers.
Pragya is too drunk to make sense of it.
She holds Tanu and tells her to sit.

Abhi takes Tanu away.
Tanu complains that he is romancing Pragya instead of going through with the plan.
She holds her stomach and m0ans.
Abhi asks what it is.

She says it's the baby.
He asks if anything has happened to the baby.
She tells him to get a divorce from Pragya or forget about her and the baby.

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