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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 242
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Abhi returns to the restaurant and he doesn't see Pragya.

A waiter tells him that she has gone outside.
He gets outside and sees Pragya sitting on the car bonnet, pretending she's driving.

She tells him that she wants to drive.
He says she will have to sign the papers with him first.
She asks if they are license papers.
She grabs them from him.

Abhi asks himself why he's tricking her to sign when he resolved not to do so.
Pragya signs the papers.
Abhi is upset with himself.
Pragya says she is ready to drive.

He tells her that she's too drunk to drive but she can do anything else.
She says she wants to sing.
She starts singing out of tune and he tells her that she can drive.

As he is about to get inside the car, Tanu approaches him and asks for the papers.
Abhi pretends he doesn't know what she's talking about.
She says she knows Pragya signed the papers.
She sees them in the car and takes them.
She thanks him.

He says the papers prove that he is no better than Pragya and he's ashamed of himself for deceiving her.
Tanu reminds him that she is not Fatso but Villain lady who ruined his life.

She begs him to forget about Pragya and think of his new family.
He tells her to go home while he brings Pragya home.

Tanu gets home and walks straight into Grandmother.
The papers fall from her hand.
Grandmother picks them up and hands them over to her.

Tanu hugs her and says she feels very happy and now feels like a part of the party.
Grandmother wonders what's up with her.

Nikhil sneaks into the house.
Tanu asks why he came.
He says he's been trying to reach her but she
has been avoiding his calls.

He asks what she's hiding behind her back.
She says it's nothing.
He drags it from her.
He sees the signed divorce papers and asks how she managed.

She says he wasn't able to do it for her so she no longer needs him and he needs to stay away from her.
He grabs her and reminds her that they had a deal and she promised to give him a post in Abhi's company.

He tells her not to forget she's carrying his child and he can go to Abhi with evidence if she ever talks rudely to him again.
Tanu is now with Alia.
Alia berates her, thinking she didn't get the signature.

Tanu shows her the papers.
Alia hugs her and says she's so happy.
Grandmother is listening by the door.
Alia tells Tanu that she will now marry Abhi and become a member of the family.
Tanu says that's if Nikhil doesn't ruin things as he warned her not to double cross him.
Alia says she will handle Nikhil.
Tanu says she can't wait to see Pragya thrown out of the house when Abhi divorces her.
Grandmother goes to Rachna's room to tell her what she heard.

Abhi and Pragya are sitting on the terrace.
Pragya is counting the stars.
Abhi stares at her and wonders if he's leaving the right person for the wrong one.
Pragya looks at him and asks if he's crying.
She begs him not to cry because she will ask the stars to grant his wish.

She puts her finger under his eye and a tear drops on it.
She begs him not to cry because she will cry too.
He hugs her as he cries.
Tanu enters Abhi's room.
She picks the photo of him and Pragya from the bedside table.

She takes the photo out of the frame and tells herself that Pragya and Abhi will now be apart.
She uses a pair of scissors to cut Pragya out of the photo.

Abhi carries a sleeping Pragya into the room and lays her on the bed.
He asks Tanu what she's hiding.
She says it's nothing.
He takes it from her and he's furious when he sees the cut photo.
He asks why she did it since she has already separated them.

She says she thought since they were getting divorced she might as well.
He tells her that the hatred she has for Pragya cannot compare to the love he has for Pragya and there is nothing Tanu can do about it except kill him.
Pragya opens her eyes and calls Abhi.
He rushes to her side and tells Tanu to leave as he's disturbing Pragya.

Pragya goes back to sleep.
Tanu reminds Abhi that they are already divorced.
Abhi says Pragya is the woman he loves, who has always supported him and wants him to succeed even when he got the international ad, she wanted to celebrate with him but Tanu has not even as much as congratulated him.
Tanu says she's sorry, she was just happy he got a divorce from Pragya.

Abhi says Tanu would never be half the woman that Pragya is but in spite of that he will still marry her because she's a the mother of his child even though he wishes Pragya was the mother of his child and not Tanu.

He says he doesn't blame her or himself because he has accepted that happiness is not in his destiny that was why when Tanu was his girlfriend, he married Pragya and when he fell in love with Pragya, Tanu got pregnant for him.
He says his love for Pragya is eternal and she is the love of his life.

Tanu is clearly hurt by his words.
She leaves the room quietly.
Grandmother wakes up in the morning to see Abhi sleeping on a chair in her room.
She asks him what happened.
He says he couldn't sleep and needed someone to talk to.

She asks if Pragya did anything.
He says it's not Pragya's fault but his as he has failed the most important test in his life.
Grandmother says she knows he can make a mistake but never wrong anyone and she will always respect him.
He asks if Pragya will always respect him since she's not related to him by blood.

She says she can see in his eyes that he still loves Pragya and no matter how Pragya changes herself, she will always love him and will never leave him.
Abhi thinks in his heart that he has ruined the relationship with Pragya by his actions.
Robin comes to ask Grandmother for headache pills for Pragya.

Abhi says he will take them to her.
Alia and Tanu invite a lawyer over and they hand him the divorce papers to process.
Tanu says she wants it finalised in a few days.
The lawyer says he can't promise.
Alia reminds him that they are paying him triple the amount.
He says he will file it today.
Pragya calls for Robin.

Abhi enters the room with the aspirin and a glass of water.
She apologises for yelling.
He says she can shout at him all she wants because he is responsible for what happened to her.
She says it wasn't his fault as the waiter brought the wrong drink.

He says he is responsible.
She tells him to go ahead and take the blame.
She asks what she did when she was drunk, did she dance in the streets?
He says it was worse.
She asks if she drove.
He says it was worse.

She panics and asks what exactly she did.
He says he doesn't have the courage tell her.
He leaves the room and she wonders why he is not rubbing what she did in her face like he would normally do.
Grandmother and Rachna see the lawyer as he is leaving.

Grandmother asks him what he's doing in the house so early.
He says he can't tell them as the person he came to see warned him not to say anything.
Rachna and Grandmother come to see Pragya in her room.
Grandmother asks her if she called a lawyer.
Pragya says she didn't.
Rachna says they saw a lawyer but he refused to say who he came to see and what for.

Pragya says Abhi has been acting weird.
Rachna says maybe Alia is responsible and wants to take Abhi's properties.
Grandmother says she saw Tanu with important documents last night.

Pragya wonders what it's for.
Abhi is in the living room, brooding.
Tanu brings him a bowl of pudding.
He says Pragya used to make it for him.
Tanu says she will soon marry him so she wants to start cooking for him.
He says he knows she has come to apologise to him.

She tells him to trythe pudding.
He says if she made it then it won't be good.
She makes him take a spoon and he says it was horrible.
Tanu gets upset and says she knew he was going to act like this that was why she told the lawyer to file the divorce papers today so Abhi needs to get used to her cooking as she will soon be his wife.
Akash and Purab join are now with Grandmother, Pragya and Rachna.
Rachna tells them everything.

Pragya says Tanu gave her 24 hours to leave the house and if Tanu gets a hold of the divorce papers, then it's over for her.
Purab says the divorce papers were never legalised as they gave them to Grandmother who didn't take them to court.
Grandmother remembers Abhi gave the papers to her and she was to give to the lawyer but the lawyer went to Delhi.

Grandmother calls Robin to bring them all juice to celebrate.
Pragya asks Robin if he noticed anything with her and Abhi last night.
He says he saw Abhi carrying her to the room and Abhi shouted at Tanu.

Pragya says the story is incomplete.
Purab says only Abhi can tell all that really happened.
He meets Abhi in his studio
Abhi is angry as he talks to someone on the phone.
Purab asks what happened.
Abhi says he ordered a CD but it wasn't delivered.

Purab asks if he was yelling over a CD.
Abhi says it's about trust and it happens when the person you value the most betrays your trust.
Purab asks what the real issue is.
Abhi says he and Pragya went to an important meeting and he had planned to make Pragya sign the divorce papers and didn't want to trick her but in the end, she got drunk and he made her sign and now he feels guilty.
Purab is shocked.
Abhi asks what he should do because Pragya will soon find out.

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