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Twist Of Fate - Season 1 - Episode 243
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Pragya gives Robin a bouquet of flowers to take to their room.

She tells herself that Abhi took care of her last night and she has to be nice to him.
Tanu accosts her and tells her that her drink was switched and she got drunk
Pragya says Abhi took care of her while she was drunk.

She reminds her that the 24 hours is almost up and nothing has been done.
She says Tanu just has to accept the fact that Abhi would never leave her.

Tanu says it's a good thing that Sarla is unable to speak at this time.
Pragya gets upset and raises her hand to slap her.
Tanu holds the hand and tells Pragya that when she was drunk, she signed the divorce papers.
Pragya is shocked.

Tanu says Abhi might have taken care of her but he made her sign the papers.
She gives Pragya a copy of the papers.
Pragya is devastated.
Tanu says she's not surprised that Abhi fooled her because Pragya also fooled him and now they are even.

Pragya is unable to speak.
Tanu says now Pragya has lost Abhi while she (Tanu) has him.
Pragya is crying now.
Tanu says the court order will arrive soon and she and Abhi will get married.
She tells Pragya to just accept it.

Purab is back with Grandmother, Akash and Rachna.
He tells them all that Abhi told him.
They are shocked.
Grandmother says Pragya has done so much and sacrificed everything for her love for Abhi to try and win him over and it's now all for nothing.
She says it's all Abhi's fault and he has gone against all she taught him.

She threatens to go and talk to him.
Purab tells her to wait so as not to divulge the secret.

Grandmother says there's no need to keep hiding the secret.

Purab tells her to go to Pragya first as she needs her.
Grandmother says she will go to Abhi first.
Pragya is with Sarla.
She says she misses Bulbul and wishes things would go back to the way they were.
She is crying.

She says she's tired and needs reassurance but there is nobody to talk to her even Bulbul is no longer around to say something to cheer her up.
Sarla is also crying.
Pragya begs her not to cry.

She turns to leave the room but she comes face to face with Alia.
Tanu is standing next to Alia.
Alia tells her to stay with Sarla because she is about to receive some news.

She tells Sarla that she will be surprised to hear the news.
She tells Pragya that since she left jail she has been thinking of how to make her pay and Tanu finally defeated her.
Tanu is watching and smiling.

Pragya says they can talk outside.
Alia says Sarla deserves to know everything.
Pragya begs her not to say anything.
Tanu says Pragya's mother deserves to know the truth.
She tells Sarla that Pragya and Abhi are now divorced.

Sarla is shocked.
Alia says her precious son-in-law was the who deceived Pragya into signing.
Tanu tells Sarla that she can stay in the house for only a few days.
Alia says Pragya might send them out of the house.

Tanu says Pragya won't do it as she cannot even talk back and was only pretending to be tough.
Alia says Pragya is separated from her husband and will now be seen as an unlucky woman.
She tells Tanu that they have to go and plan the wedding.

They leave the room and Pragya tells Sarla to forgive her as she tried her best but she has lost and it's over.
Grandmother is with Abhi.
She stands up and gives him a slap.
She asks why he betrayed Pragya like that and got her drunk so he could deceive her
She says he has disappointed her.

Abhi says Pragya also disappointed her.
Grandmother says she took his property but never threw anyone out of the house and she did all she could to protect him like exposing Raj and Alia and she even lost her sister in the process.

Abhi listens sadly.
She says she doesn't know the person he has become; Pragya was the best thing that happened to him and was the best wife she could be and even after what he has done, Pragya would still be willing to lay her life down for him.

She tells him to go and apologise to Pragya and if he doesn't then he would be as good as dead to her.
She leaves the room.
Abhi breaks down.

Pragya stands in front of the mirror and puts on her glasses.
She has tears in her eyes.
Abhi appears behind her.
He asks why she's crying.
She says her eyes are just watery because she's not used to her glasses.
He tries to touch her hand but she pulls it away.
He asks himself why she's now behaving like the old Pragya again when he longed for it all this while.

She asks if he has anything to say to her
He says no.
She tells him to go and start planning his life with Tanu and not waste time with her.
He tells her to wait as he wants to talk to her
She says there is nothing left to be said.
He says there is one thing left to say but he wants her first take off her glasses.
She asks why.

He says a lot of memories will come flooding back and he will get carried away.
She takes off the glasses.
He says what he did was wrong and he wants her to forgive him.

She is about to turn and face him but he begs her not to turn as he can't bear to see her face.
He says he feels very guilty for taking advantage of her while she was drunk and made her sign the divorce papers.
They are both crying.
Abhi says the lawyer has already gone to file the papers and when he gets back, the divorce will be final.

He tells her to turn around.
She turns and he says he took advantage of her and he's sorry
She tells him that he hasn't done anything wrong under the circumstances and he has shown that he will stand by the truth no matter what, which makes her happy.

He hugs her tightly.
He says he knows what she said when she left him that time, that he should live by his words and only stand by the truth and be an example to his fans.
He says he has accepted his mistake and he now wants to tell her the truth; he met a girl who he felt was of his own status and she made him
believe the people would be happy to see them together so he believed it and he thought he loved her but he was in a bad relationship and he has been punished for the mistake by losing the only woman he ever loved in his life and he will now end up with the other girl.

He says accepting his mistake and telling her the truth has helped him find himself and he has lost her for good.
She asks how he can lose her or be separated from her when they were never really together.

She says she can still support him through this and if he ever has any problems dealing with the decision he made, she will be there to remind him that he made the right decision.
She says they can still be friends she might not have been a good wife but she will be a great friend.

He is surprised.
She says she doesn't want him to be unhappy.
She stretches her hand out and he takes it.
She moves to sit beside him on the bed.
He holds her.

She looks uncomfortable.
He gives her a kiss on the cheek.
She's shocked.
Rachna walks in and sees them.
Abhi apologises to Pragya and hurries out of the room.

Abhi goes into a guest room and vents in front of the mirror.
He asks himself what's wrong with him and he says Tanu must not find out.
Tanu enters the room and asks what he's hiding as she heard him talking to himself.
He asks why she thinks he's hiding something.
She asks if he went to see Pragya.

He says he went to console her as he saw her crying and nothing happened.
She tells him not to go to Pragya's room again.
He sees some cards and asks what they are.
She says they are invitation cards to their wedding and she's trying to choose one.
He asks why she would do that.

Her phone rings and she excuses herself.
She goes out of the room and asks Nikhil why he's calling.
He says he's with the lawyer who is helping her to process Pragya and Abhi's divorce and the lawyer also wants to help him get his rights.
She asks what he's saying.

He says she must fulfil her part of the agreement otherwise he won't let her get married.
She says she can't give him anything till she's married to Abhi.
He says he doesn't trust her so he wants his share before she gets married.
He says he's coming over.

Tanu wonders how she can stop him.
She goes back to Abhi and asks if he selected a card.
He gives her one.
She leaves the room to go and show it to Alia.
Abhi regrets why he ever met Tanu.

Nikhil and his lawyer enter Abhi's house.
Purab sees them and wonders what they are up to.
They go into Alia's room.
Tanu asks Nikhil why he still came when she already told him he will get his share after marriage.

She says she wishes she never spent that night with him.
He tells her to shut up because what she calls a mistake is what is giving her a chance with Abhi.
He says he had to bring his lawyer to explain things to her.

Alia tells him to calm down.
Nikhil says he wants to become the CEO of Abhi's company and Tanu has to make it happen.

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