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'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 267 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 12 September 2017
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Sheila thanks Pragya for what she did for her.
Pari tells her mother that Pragya fooled all the thugs and they were able to escape.
Sheila offers to follow Pragya home to tell Abhi the truth.
Pragya tells her to stay at home and take care of Pari and she would call when she needs her.

Nikhil and Tanu are waiting outside Sheila's house.

They see Pragya as she comes out to the road to look for a taxi.

Nikhil makes a phone call to the leader of his thugs and tells him to get a rickshaw so they can kidnap Pragya again.

Tanu tells Nikhil that she wants them to kill Pragya instead.
Nikhil says he doesn't want to go to jail.
Tanu tells him that if Pragya tells Abhi's the truth, Abhi would kill Nikhil so it's best to get rid of Pragya.
He agrees and drives the car towards Pragya.
Pragya's jumps out of the road in time and hits her head on the ground.

At home, Abhi wakes up shouting Pragya's name.

Nikhil's car rams into a tree and catches on fire.

Purab runs into Abhi's room.
Abhi tells him that he senses Pragya is in danger.
Purab prays for Pragya's safety.

Pragya gets up from the ground and sees Tanu in the car.
Tanu is bleeding from the head.
She begs Pragya to save her child.

Nikhil and Pragya bring Tanu to the hospital.
Pragya tells the doctors and nurses that Tanu is 8 months pregnant and they need to save the baby.
They take Tanu into the theatre.

Alia calls Tanu's phone and Pragya answers it.
Alia recognises Pragya's voice.
The nurse asks Pragya what happened to Tanu.

Pragya says she was in a car accident and the car was driving so fast and crashed into a tree.

Alia hears everything over the phone and panics because she knows Pragya would tell Abhi everything.

The nurse informs Pragya that Tanu is in the ICU.
She sees Nikhil who asks her how Tanu is doing.
Pragya says she is praying to God that Nikhil's innocent child doesn't suffer because of his mistake.

Alia calls Nikhil to find out what happened.
Nikhil says the child's life is in danger.
She tells him to stop crying so that nobody gets suspicious.
Nikhil says the accident was his fault.
Alia tells him to calm down as they can still win.
Nikhil says he is almost losing his baby and if the baby dies, they can't win.

Abhi cuts his finger while opening the door to his closet.
He gets a call from a woman who says she's calling from the hospital to tell him that Tanu was in an accident and he needs to come.

The woman is actually a cleaner in the hotel where Alia is staying.
Alia thanks her for making the call.

Abhi comes downstairs to inform his grandmother, Purab and Akash of the accident.

Pragya comes to get Tanu's drugs from the hospital pharmacy.

Abhi comes with the family members to see Tanu in the hospital.
They meet Nikhil in the room holding her hand.
Abhi asks her how the baby is doing.
Tanu tells him that the baby is dead.

Abhi covers his face with his hand.
Tanu says she wants to die.
She grabs a pair of scissors and Abhi takes it from her.

Mitali asks Tanu how it happened.
Nikhil says the doctor said they couldn't save the baby because it was a bad accident.
Pami asks who was responsible for the accident.
Tanu says they won't believe her.
Aunt Indu assures her that they will believe her.
Tanu says it wasn't an accident but a plan to kill her baby and it was Pragya.

Grandmother says it's a lie as Pragya couldn't have done it.
Tanu asks if it's because Pragya is her favourite daughter in law.
Nikhil says Tanu was right; Tanu was crossing the and a speeding car was heading towards her and the car ran her over.
He says he saw Pragya driving the car himself.

Tanu tells Abhi that she has finally lost everything.
She asks where Pragya was for the last two days and says Pragya must have been planning the whole thing but she would probably lie and say Tanu kidnapped and tied her up the whole time.

Pragya is given Tanu's prescription.

Grandmother says Pragya would never do such a thing.
Purab agrees.

Nikhil says there were witnesses at the scene and he can present two of them.

Abhi sits by Tanu's bedside and holds her hand.

The nurse comes in and tells them to all leave.
Tanu begs Abhi to stay with her.

Two days later, Sarla gets a call from Grandmother.
Sarla asks how things are with Abhi.
Grandmother says Abhi is in shock as he thinks it was his baby that died.
Sarla asks if Pragya has told Abhi the truth.
Grandmother says Pragya hasn't been able to muster the courage to talk to him but the doctor has said Tanu can go home today so maybe Pragya would be able to tell Abhi the truth when he gets home.

Alia comes to see Nikhil at his place.
He says he was in a bad state after the accident and he went to see Tanu in her room; the doctor came to tell Tanu that she lost her baby and she may not be able to conceive a baby again.
When Tanu started crying, he told her that Pragya hadn't won so he came up with the plan to pin it all on Pragya.
Alia says everyone will be against Pragya now.

Tanu returns to Abhi's house.
She enters the room and Abhi follows her.
She opens the wardrobe and some baby clothes fall out.
Abhi picks them up.
She tells him not to touch her baby's things.
Abhi says it was also his baby.
Tanu says he never cared for the baby and he allowed Pragya kill the baby.
She says he should have supported her to fight against Pragya but he was supporting Pragya instead.

Pragya enters the room.
Tanu says if Abhi had told her that he loved her then Pragya wouldn't have done what she did.
Pragya tells Tanu to stop lying as she wouldn't tolerate it anymore.
She tells Abhi that neither of them is the cause of Tanu's baby's death.
Abhi tells Pragya to leave them alone.
Tanu tells Pragya to continue lying and tell Abhi that she kidnapped her and got her tied up and even caused the accident.
Pragya says she won't keep quiet because Tanu is mocking her child's death by telling lies.
Abhi tells Pragya to just stop as the child was also his own.
Pragya tries to talk but Abhi tells her to stop.
Tanu tells Pragya to leave the house.
Pragya says she would only leave if her husband asks her to leave.
Tanu pushes Pragya out of the room.

Nikhil calls Grandmother and Purab to meet the witnesses.
The witnesses are two of Nikhil's thugs who kidnapped Pragya.
Purab says they look like thugs and asks how they can be sure Nikhil didn't pay them.

Grandmother tells them to say the truth.
The leader of the thugs says he saw Pragya driving really fast and she hit Tanu with her car.
Nikhil shows him a photo of Pragya on his phone and the thug says she's the one.
Grandmother slaps him and says he's lying.
Purab holds her and begs her not to hit him again.

Abhi and Tanu are watching from the balcony.

Nikhil meets the thugs to pay them off.
He tells them to leave the city.
They agree to leave.

Pragya is in the room, crying.
She sees her reflection in the mirror, smiling.
The mirror image says Abhi is not crying but suffering.
Pragya says she will tell him the truth one day.
The reflexion steps out of the mirror to face Pragya.
She asks if Pragya wants to continue to be around Abhi and torment him daily by making him remember the child he thinks Pragya killed.
She tells Pragya that she might end up losing her happiness forever.
Pragya says she won't let that happen.
She throws a pillow at the reflexion and it disappears.

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