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'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 269 Recap - Aired: Thursday 14 September 2017
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Pragya drives to Abhi's other house.
Abhi is inside, drinking.

He hears the doorbell ring and wonders who it could be.
He opens the door and sees Pragya.
He tries to shut the door in her face but she begs him to allow her to talk to him.

He says he doesn't want to talk to her as she sent him divorce papers and she walked out of his life.
He shuts the door in her face.
Pragya remains outside and says she won't leave until she talks to him.
It's raining heavily but she remains standing.
Abhi looks at her from the balcony.

She pleads with him to listen to her just this one time.
He goes back inside to sit down.
Pragya is getting drenched in the rain and crying.
Abhi comes out and puts his jacket over her head.
She stands up and he takes her into the house.
She thanks him for a second chance and says she knew he wouldn't be able to watch her suffering outside.

He tells her to keep quiet because he is not ready to hear what she has to say.
He says he is suffering because she left him alone and he only let her inside the house because he's human and doesn't want her mother to suffer if anything happened to her.
He says he would go and call her mother to come and take her away.

He leaves to go and make the call.
Sarla is at home.
She receives the call from Abhi.
He tells her to come and take Pragya home.
She asks if Pragya is alright.
He says she is but he won't be alright till she comes to take Pragya away.

Pragya enters the room to speak to Abhi but he tells her there is no need as everything is ruined.

He walks out of the room.
Sarla tells her mother in law that she's going to get Pragya from Abhi's place as he called her to come.

Grandmother Arora tells her that it won't be a good idea to go.
She suggests they leave them to settle their differences.
Grandmother tells Rachna that she's worried about Abhi.
Rachna assures her that he would be fine.
Abhi calls and Grandmother begs him to come home.

Abhi says he can't come because he's going to Delhi to sign a contract.
She asks if he has seen Pragya.
He says he has no idea where she is.
He ends the call and Pragya asks why he didn't tell Grandmother that they are together.
Abhi says they are in the same place but not together and he wants to be left alone.

Pragya sees Abhi has developed a cold and he's sneezing.
She quickly covers him with a blanket.
He tells her she has no right to take care of him.
She goes to make him a drink.

She returns to see his eyes closed and unmoving.
She panics and wakes him up.
She realises he has a fever and tells him she would take him to the doctor tomorrow.
He grabs her hand and asks why she's taking care of him.

She says she has realised her mistake and she knows their marriage will soon be over but till then, she would take care of him even though he doesn't want to see her or look at the evidence she brought.
She gives him the drink and walks away.

Next morning, Purab comes to see Grandmother to find out if she heard from Abhi and Pragya.

Grandmother says Abhi called her but she doesn't know where Pragya is.
She calls Sarla who tells her that Pragya is in Abhi's other house.
Grandmother thanks her and hangs up.
She tells Purab that Abhi is in Delhi and Pragya is in Abhi's house.

Tanu over hears her and decides to tell Alia and Nikhil.
Purab tells Grandmother that he has to go and see Pragya.
Tanu calls Alia who is with Nikhil to tell them that Pragya hasn't seen Abhi because he's in Delhi whilst Pragya is waiting in Abhi's other house.

Nikhil says it's a good thing that Pragya hasn't seen Abhi yet.
Purab gets outside and enters his car.
He sees Tanu who tells the driver to take her to Alia's hotel.
He wonders if Alia is back in town.
Abhi wakes up still in a foul mood.
He asks himself why Pragya has been taking care of him.

He flings his jacket in anger and he breaks a glass.
Pragya enters the room with a hot drink for Abhi.
He tries to stop her from stepping on the broken glass but it's too late.
He rushes to take a look at the cut.
She stares at him.

He asks if she did it on purpose so he can take care of her like she did him.
She pulls her leg away from him and tears a part of her saree which she ties over the wound.
He tells her it's still bleeding.
She tells him she can take care of herself and he doesn't have to help her because of her mother.

He says her mother knows she's with him.
She asks how long he's going to deny that they are meant to be together and can't be separated.
He gets a piece of cloth and ties over the wound.
He tells her he doesn't want to talk about them anymore.

She asks when he would accept that even if he ends the relationship, he won't stop what he's feeling for her.
She begs for him to hear the truth from her.
He asks if she wants to say she's honest and Tanu is the liar.

She says she won't say anything but show him something.
She goes to get her phone but it has been smashed on the floor.
She goes to him crying.
She tells him she no longer has the proof.
Abhi says she must show him what she wanted to show him then get out.

Pragya says she is not responsible for the death of Tanu's baby and it was actually Tanu who wanted to kill her because he knows Pragya would tell him she was going to be the mother or Nikhil's baby.

She tells him that she moved out of the way at the last minute and the car hit a tree and they got hurt instead.
Abhi claps for her and says she is so talented and made up a story.
He says he doesn't believe her because he has heard the story before because the day she left, he said she was leaving for the baby's future and the next time she left him, she said she was leaving for his happiness.

He says he had more respect for her when she first left and he prayed for God to bring her back but she came back to prove all she did was deceit and she took all his properties and she also took advantage of Tanu's baby.
He says all she did were lies and she cheated him on the pretext of love and she didn't even consider his grandmother.

He says everything about her is a sham including her vermillion and wedding chain.
She tells him to stop because she truly loves him and she came back to save him from his family members who wanted to ruin him; she transferred all the properties to her name to help save his properties

Abhi says she's a liar and she came back because she had gotten used to living a luxurious life.
Pragya says it's not true
Abhi says nothing would change.
Pragya tells him to listen so she can tell him everything from the start.

She says she alone knows what she suffered.
She left when Tanu got pregnant because she thought Tanu could give him the happiness he deserves and when she heard he and Tanu were getting married, she came to the house to congratulate Tanu and overheard her talking on the phone about someone else being the father of her child then she went to the office to look for him and heard Alia plotting against him, as she was leaving the office, she got knocked down by a car and when Grandmother came to see her at the hospital, they came up with the plan.

She tells him she always treated his Grandmother with respect as she was in on the plan.
She also tells him that Purab and Bulbul knew about it and tried their best to help make him see Tanu for who she is.

Abhi seems to be processing all the information he just received.

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