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'Twist of Fate' Season 1 Episode 270 Recap - Aired: Friday 15 September 2017
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Mitali and her children are in their room.
Grandmother comes in with the offering tray.
Mitali asks where Pragya is.
Grandmother happily says Pragya will return tomorrow.

Nikhil is with Tanu and Alia in Alia's place.
He suggests they kill Pragya.
Tanu says they will get caught.
Nikhil says he won't leave any evidence for them to get caught.
He reminds her that Pragya will expose them to Abhi if they don't kill her.
Alia agrees that Pragya has to be killed as she will constantly be an obstacle preventing them from achieving their goals in Abhi's life.

Pragya tells Abhi that she thought of a way to make Tanu confess and she got Roni to help; they recorded Tanu saying it was Nikhil's baby but Tanu was able to destroy the evidence.
She says Tanu eventually found out that she was only pretending to be the boss just to protect Abhi.
Abhi listens with a frown on his face.
She tells him about her mother's accident that was caused by Nikhil.
Abhi tells her to stop because if she was telling the truth she could have told him a long time ago.
Pragya says she knew he wasn't going to believe her if she didn't have hard evidence because he loved the child too much and even when she gave him the DNA report, he didn't believe her but believed Tanu with the fake one.
She tells him that Sheila told her she was forced to lie because Nikhil had kidnapped her daughter and when she went save the child, Nikhil kidnapped her as well.
Abhi asks why she sent him the divorce papers from her house.
Pragya says she had no choice as they threatened to harm her family and they threatened her mother that they would kill her if she didn't give Abhi the papers.

She says she also tried to call him from one of the thugs' phones.
Abhi remembers getting a phone call from a strange number but he didn't give the person a chance to talk.
She tells him everything up until the accident where Tanu lost her baby.

Purab gets to Alia's hotel.
He sees her in a room with Tanu.
Nikhil is gone.

Tanu asks Alia what Nikhil plans to do to Pragya.
Alia says he said he would kill her by doing something to her car.

She sees Purab.
Purab enters the room and gives her a slap.
He says he thought she would have changed but she's still the same evil person.
He asks Tanu if she shouldn't be mourning her child.
Tanu looks sober.
He says she has no idea how much he hates her and he thinks the Lord did the right thing by taking her child away from her.
He tells Alia that he can't believe she's Abhi's sister yet she wants a person like Tanu for her brother.
He says both of them can't be faithful even to themselves.
Alia looks contrite.
Purab says he has to go and find Pragya and make sure their plan fails.
He leaves.

Pragya asks Abhi why he can't believe she's telling him the truth.
She says she can believe anything but she won't believe their love is done.
She says she gathered enough evidence against Tanu but Tanu always got the better of her.
She begs him to at least talk to his grandmother and hear what she has to say.
She breaks down in tears and holds his hand.
He gently sq££zes her hand.
She looks at him in surprise.
He pulls her up and hugs her.
She tries to speak but he says she doesn't have to prove anything and he's only upset that she didn't tell him before.
He says if she had told him before, he wouldn't have needed any evidence.
He says he loves her and believes what she's saying is true and he can make it out from her eyes.

Pragya looks at him with disbelief written all over her face.
Abhi says he would have said it was a fake video if he had seen it but he can see it on her face that she's telling the truth.

Both of them are crying.
He says she's looking at him the way Fatso used to look at him and he is finally getting his Fatso back.
She asks if he really trusts her even without talking to his grandmother.
He assures her that he does.
She asks if he won't be influenced by Tanu again if she brings evidence.
He says he wouldn't.
She tells him to swear he would always be with her.
He puts his hand on his head and swears to always be with her.
She hugs him.

Nikhil comes to see a mechanic in his garage.
He shows him a photo of Pragya's car and tells him that he would give him the address and wants him to fiddle with the brakes of the car.
He says the mechanic has no choice but to do it.
The mechanic says it will cost Nikhil a lot of money.
Nikhil says there is no problem.

Pragya tells Abhi that they should call to tell his grandmother the good news.
Abhi asks if she doesn't think they should go home and break the news to her face to face.
He sneezes and Pragya tells him to stay back while she takes care of him.

Alia is outside with Purab.
She tells him that she didn't want to do anything but Nikhil and Tanu made her.
She says she can change herself for him if he asks her to because she's in love with him.
She begs him to tell her that he loves her and she would do just about anything.
He asks if she can bring Bulbul back.
She's quiet.
He says he would always hate her because she can't bring Bulbul back.
He tells her that she can't do anything for him; he would handle it himself.
She tells him that he would be responsible for whatever happens after now.
Purab leaves.

Nikhil comes to Abhi's other house to spy on Pragya and make sure she is alone.
He sees her alone in the kitchen and he believes she's the only one in the house.
Pragya gets a feeling she's being watched.
She turns around to look at the window and Nikhil docks.

She brings the juice to Abhi.
He is writing in his diary.
He tells her that he wants her to help him choose a name.
He asks what she thinks of Pabhi.
She says it sounds like a vegetable.
He tells her to choose some more names.
She selects AbhiPra then asks what it's for.
He says it's for their child and it's a combination of their names.
She says names should be meaningful.

He takes the drink then he pulls her close and says now that they are together, they should celebrate their honeymoon and they have a child.
Pragya says they can't stay there as they don't have any clothes of shoes.
Pragya says they will give the family 2 surprises, one is them getting intimate and another is giving them a baby.
Pragya says they won't do anything till they break the good news to the family.
He suggests they go home to the family.
He holds her tightly.

Purab is unable to reach Pragya because her phone is smashed.
He is driving to Abhi's other house and calling Abhi's phone to tell him about what Tanu, Alia and Nikhil are planning to do to Pragya.
Abhi's phone is in another room so he doesn't hear it ring.

Pragya is taking a shower.
Abhi stands by the door talking to her.
He says he has decided on a name and it's Abhigya.
Pragya says it's a good name.

Nikhil comes back to the mechanic who tells him that he has done the job.
Nikhil pays him off.

Tanu asks Alia who Purab thinks he is sacrificing everything for Abhi instead of thinking of himself.
Alia tells Tanu to stop as she has better things to do than to think of her nonsense.

Nikhil calls Alia to tell her that she should start thinking about making preparations for Pragya's funeral as he got her car brakes tampered with.
Alia says there is a problem; Purab heard about their plan and he's on his way to go and warn Pragya.
He asks how Purab got to know and if Alia told him about it.
She says Purab came and overheard her talking to Tanu about it.
Nikhil says he can't stop Purab now because the plan is already in motion.
Alia says what if Purab saves Pragya in time.
Nikhil says he can't move in front of a car that is out of control.
He says someone would get killed, it could be either Pragya or Purab.
Alia panics.

Pragya comes out of the bathroom and doesn't see Abhi.
She finds a note on the table from him saying since there is no food in the house, he has gone to the market to get some snacks.
He tells her to wait for him.
He signs the letter as 'Your rockstar husband.'
Pragya kisses the letter.

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